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    Looking for info

    We do not support builds on this site. I would suggest you install Kodi, select a skin that sutes you, get 2 or 3 good addons. That is not just a build, it is your build. Save it and restore it on what ever machine when ever you want. As for addons not blacklisted, we can't help with that.
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    Where are the NEWEST UrlReslover & ResloverUrl ?

    I assume you are now on Matrix 19. If so, the Kodi team made it so add-ons that are not from their original repo will not auto update. Best bet is to go to your settings, add-ons and check for updates. If you have updates available you will have the option to update all add-ons or only kodi...
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    VPN Performance issues

    Not all VPN are the same. Some can be installed on a router and others are better installed on each machines. If installed on a router you might have to get an old dlink and flash it with a software that will allow you to install the VPN. Depending on your existing router you might be able...
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    Addons wiped

    To add to capslock's answer, go to your Google play store and disable auto update of the kodi add-ons. This way it will not auto update without your say so.
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    Python Version 2.1.0 could not be satisfied.

    Sorry, I know nothing about this. Hopefully, @syntax will pop his head in and inform you better than I can.
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    I can’t send messenger for anyone

    Just bring your mouse over my name, wait for a second, and a drop-down menu will pop up. At the bottom of that menu, you will see "start a conversation" Click that and type your message. When done, click "start a conversation" at the bottom of the message. That's it. Let me know if it...
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    I can’t send messenger for anyone

    I just checked my own and PM works OK for me. I started a conversation with you, see if you can read and reply to it. Let me know in this thread. If you can't answer me, I will pass this to the admin to have a look at (and adjust) your settings.
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    Favorite skin for Kodi?

    You likely mean Matrix being out. Best bet would be to ask about. That skin at, they would know for sure.
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    iPhone 12 Pro Max as only device

    I suppose you could. You would have to cast your screen to your TV but thats doable.
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    All my channel are disappear without any notive.

    Sorry but we can't know what he did or didn't do to the box. If you can't get a hold of your seller you will need to redo your box yourself. We never recommend bying a preloaded box for this very reason. You should learn how to do this yourself so you will never be in this predicament ever again.
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    Streaming 4K Movies from my NAS drive problem?

    WiFi is always slower than a hardwire connection. If your tv is too slow hard-wired, WiFi will be worst.
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    Kodi lagging

    I doubt it would have anything to do with the HDMI port. I would think more something about tv settings about display. This is just a guess but I really don't know.
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    Streaming 4K Movies from my NAS drive problem?

    A good laptop or a higher end android such as nVidia Shield with your NAS hard wired to it would likely be better than the RAM a TV might have. Give your laptop a shot see if it might be the wifi or if it is your hardware (TV). If your TV's only has 10/100 connection via wifi, you might want to...
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    Kodi install iPhone iOS 12.1.2

    There are no real way to install Kodi on an iPhone, especially that old. It needs to be signed by Apple and that only lasts one time. You need to re-sign the app before every use. At least that is what I last read on the subject. It might be easier now but I doubt it.
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    Sorry, those add-ons are not ours. They seem to be illegal add-ons and therefore are not supported on this forum.
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    youtube-dl-Recorder-for-Kodi (Windows)

    Nice. Thank you for this.
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    movies wont load

    Sorry, we do not deal with these illegal addons on this site.
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    problema con kodi

    Yeah, kodi 19 is still at alpha stage and shouldn't be installed if you are not prepared for things to brake. You need to remove kodi including the profile folder. Once done, reinstall kodi and reinstall all add-ons.
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    How to sync “favorites” between different android TV boxes

    Library could be sync'ed if saved to a NAS. As for syncing favorite, I'm not 100% sure. I know you have to copy an xml file from one to another. It is not as simple as just enabling it. I am sure you already Google this. Next step would be to contact the developer on and see what...
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    Yes, unfortunately, you need youtube to watch trailers and need an API for youtube to work. There are some tutorials on how to get a personal API. I have done it a while back and can't recall the exact steps. It is quite confusing, especially if you use a tutorial that uses an older version...