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    30 day free premium

    Free 30 day premium voucher for corona-598335915-6-a87a111c6f644933
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    5 free 30 day vouchers for

    As the title says, I have 5 free vouchers to give away, First come, First served. Shoot me a PM if you would like one. NOTE: This is only valid if you don't already have a premium account to
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    Merry Christmas everyone

    I wish a Merry Christmas to all our friends on TVAddons. Best wishes to you and yours during this festive season.
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    TVDB - A possible fix

    Found this elsewhere and thought I would post it here. Kudos to the original poster for this fix.
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    Hey Siri!

    Try this for a laugh. Say: "Hey Siri, I saw a little silhouetto of a man" Wait for Siri's reply.
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    Happy Canada Day

    I hope all my Canadian brothers and sisters are having a great Canada Day today. Party hard but don't be foolish, take a cab and come back alive.
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    URL Resolver showing as Orphaned dependency

    I had to reinstall Kodi today due to some issues. When reinstalling I also installed URL Resolver to be sure it was done from tvaddons repo. But when I go to system settings>manage dependencies>url resolver it shows as Orphaned and does not work in any addons that use it. I simply get no...
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    Welcome back everybody

    Welcome back EB. We're glad to finally be back up and running again. Our admin did tons of work since the take down in order to get the forum up again better than before. Enjoy
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    Adding local media on Android

    Hi all. I have asked this question on dot org but as usual got no replies so I'm asking here. I am setting up a new nVidia Shield and trying to add my local media to my library. It doesn't seem to be doable. At least I can't find how to do it. I would think it should be possible but for...
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    Unknown story about Henry Ford

    The four Goldberg brothers, Lowell, Norman, Hiram, and Max, invented and developed the first automobile air-conditioner. On July 17, 1946, the temperature in Detroit was 97 degrees. The four brothers walked into old man Henry Ford's office and sweet-talked his secretary into telling him that...
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    [REQUEST] AccuRadio

    Great station with lots of content. Would make a great addon. Thanks
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    Problems with the forum today

    I was trying to answer a query in the "Hardware discussion" section, more specifically in the "Android" subsecction but couldn't find the quick reply box. It seems I can not reply in any of the subsections of the hardware discussion. If I try and quote a post I get this error message: Just...
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    OE on Xuum - is this possible?

    I would like to try OpenElec on my Xuum. I like to fiddle with things and now that my systems are working like clockwork, I am bored. I want to try something new. So I would like to give OE a shot but have no idea how this would work on my Xuum. Anyone has any experience on this box or know...
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    A couple of suggestions

    I have a couple of issues that, IMO, would make the forum a better place. Both would alleviate the load on the mod team. 1 - As it stands, we have to wait 360 seconds between reports for spam posts. I believe there shouldn't be any wait time between reports. Many times I don't report because...
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    Not a request per se

    I used an addon a while back that would simply gather the errorsor warnings or both from your log. This was not by a Dev (as far as I remember). This was/is a great addon and I would like it back but my test machine crashed and I lost it. Now I can't remember who made it and where I can get...
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    What happened to

    I was setting up a new machine but when I went to install I couldn't find it. Any ideas where it went? Thanks.
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    And we're back...

    And we're back...Sort of.... The forum is back on and off.... Yeepee. It seems to be pretty stable right now when it is back, thanks to @eleazar coding for the hard work in trying to get us back on a more permanent state. Glad to see all members exercised patience. Note, there might still be...
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    Someone might want to take this on

    Tons of movies and nothing else. No TV shows or music. I think it would make a good addon is someone might want to take it on. Thanks RR
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    Why is this thread closed?

    Why is this closed I believe this is exactly what @dkplayaclub was talking about....threads being closed whenever the staff decides. There was no real reason to close it. Some of us would still like to bid our farewell and wish him...
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    This is becoming pretty *****ly crazy now

    The server is too busy even in the middle of the week now. This is becoming *****ly crazy. First priority should be to make the server usable for the members. Something has to be done. Time for excuses is past. Now is time for actions. PLEASE