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    Art required for new addon

    Soon to release a new addon and I'm looking for someone to create the art. Please reply here or pm me if you're interested. Still a few functions to add, but I am looking to release by the weekend, with or without art.
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    Art need for new music addon

    Morning everyone, Working on a new music addon at the moment. It's still work in progress, but most of the menus and functionality are finished. Is anyone interested in creating some nice art for it? Let me know here and I can send you a working copy to view the menus etc. Thanks
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    New music addon

    Just wondering if anyone is interested in creating some art for a new music addon? Please pm me if interested. Addon is ready to go, but I'll wait to see if there's any takers before releasing :) Thanks
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    Art needed for another new add on.

    Please pm me if you're interested in providing art for a new add on. Thanks
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    Art needed for new addon

    Anyone interest in creating some art for me? The addon won't be ready for another day or so, but please pm me if you're interested. Thanks
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    Art needed for new addon.

    Evening everyone, If anyone is interested, I need art for a new addon. Please pm me for more details if you're interested in helping out. Thanks kinkin
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    Art needed for new addon

    Hi all, I need art for a new addon if anyone is interested. Like lambda, I won't give details of the addon here so please pm me if you can help (it won't be a big job). Thanks kinkin
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    Icon and fanart needed for new addon

    I'm finishing up the first release of a new add on, should be ready in a day or so. Could someone make me a main icon and fanart? Add on will be called F.T.V Content will be mainly live TV, but I plan to add to it over time Thanks
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    10/100 ethernet

    Anyone know if the 10/100 Ethernet is throttled to 10 on the android boxes? I was playing around creating a speedtest function in WTF and noticed that the GBox 2.2 and Bluetimes both maxed out at 1200kbps. Same source on my laptop hit 11000kbps Edit; got my bits mixed up! Its maxing out at...
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    [RELEASE] Ultimate Guitar

    Available from my repo via fusion. Ever wanted to learn to play guitar?? This new addon contains a complete beginners and intermediate course from Justin Sandercoe ( Hundreds of lessons available, as basic as how to hold the guitar right through to playing your favourite...
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    [RELEASE] XML Backup

    XML Backup does exactly what it says on the tin! Quickly backup all xml files in your userdata folder. It will also scan your userdata folder and backup every "settings.xml" file from your installed addons. Create a new folder via file manager, set the path in the addon and backup. If you...
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    [RELEASE] Pearl Jam Live (initial release)

    My new addon, created just to fuel my obsession with Pearl jam, but I've decided to release it to The Hub. Pearl Jam Live allows you to stream from hundreds of official Pearl jam concert bootlegs. Content is sorted by year and show date and you can stream whole shows or play/queue individual...
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    Playback failed

    Hey guys, I'm adding an option to search the latest torrents if no files are found. It works well from within WTF and I also have the search working from xbmc library. However, when running from the library I always get the "Playback Failed" error after the kat function has completed...
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    Bluetimes M3 Smart HDD

    Quick question......can I install any M3 Android firmware on this box? Was thinking about installing the MyGica M3 firmware, but don't want to brick it. Cheers