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    Request Fre*view by RayW1986

    Does anyone know what has happened to this addon? Presumably as it only allows access to FTA content it can't be having copyright issues? It hasn't been working for while now and I can't find any alternatives. Although I am in the UK I travel a lot and the hotels don't always have the same...
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    using Kodi is causing chromecast to crash every 2 minutes

    Hi all. I have always used Kodi with Chromecast and using the function that allows you to Cast the whole of your desktop. I have Windows 10 OS. Recently there has been a Firmware update to the Chromecast stick and since this, the device restarts itself every couple of minutes, but only when I...
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    Bug Suddenly no sound when using KODI with Chromecast

    Hi All I guess this may not be the first time this issue has been raised but I couldn't find a thread that was relevant. I have a Lenovo laptop with Kodi (Jarvis 16.1) installed and I use the Cast Entire Screen option on the ChromeCast app to watch it on the TV mostly Ex**us but some...