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    G*ia Missing Some Piece?

    Okay, I saw an announcement that we can talk about banned addons as long as we don't post where to get them. I KNOW where to get this, and to use Gitbrowser to get it. I just don't know what I'm supposed to be getting. I feel like I must be picking a wrong version or incomplete package or...
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    URLResolver 5.0.35

    Is this the latest version? Is it compatible with OSMC running Kodi 18.2-RC1? I'm not finding video streams I was finding only a few days ago.
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    "TVBOX" streams not found

    Recently, it seems any streams found that are labeled "TVBOX" never work. Pretty sure at least some of them used to work. Now all I get is "No Stream Available" after it spins through the list of a couple dozen "sources" that were "found" by the scraper. My OSMC Kodi just upgraded to 18.2...
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    Scraper Troubles

    Been running (rhymes with "One-Channel") on RaspberryPi2/OpenElec for... EVER! A couple days ago it stopped picking up new episodes on my TV show favorites. Any idea what's going on? (And almost all my 102 saved favorites are via it.) (version info: "******** FIX" v.3.0.00 via SMASH repo)...