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    Shortcuts Disappear?

    Hello, I recently updated to Helix 14.1 and love what it does but have ran into the issue where my shortcuts are disappearing. I am running the default skin and go in and set my shortcuts (Genesis, MLBMC, etc.) and everything is fine. I shut my Ouya down after watching and a couple times now...
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    There used to be an add-on which carried MLB.TV on the Ouya, but unfortunately it is now gone. Is anyone aware of another add-on which carries this service? I am a paying customer and just would like to access the content (they also show a free game a day for non-paying guests!) Thanks.
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    Fire TV Regions?

    I am unable to order a Fire TV through as they have not been released yet in Canada. If I was able to get my hands on a US version, will it work here? I have read that it may not as it will be set up for a different "region". I have no idea what this means, but I don't want to buy one...
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    New Toronto radio station

    I'm not sure how these things get added on here, but there is a new station in Toronto that I would like to see added to the radio section please. Here is there website if that helps. Thanks & keep up the great work!
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    Unable to watch anything - or so it seems!

    I have been having all sorts of issues lately trying to get anything to play properly on my ATV2, between repeated buffering and "file not found", my streaming has become virtually non-existant. It seems I spend longer going through the different add-ons (watchseries, fastpass, project free tv...
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    XBMC -Dependencies not met

    I am running XBMC on two Apple TV2 and both in the past week have quit working correctly. When I select XBMC from the main screen, I get the XBMC screen and before I select a program to load (Ic*f*lms, Na*i-X, Spor**dev*l, etc.) at the top of the screen a box pops up saying "Ic*f*lms...