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    Donation Question

    Hi guys I would like to donate and effectively support tvaddons/lamda/tknorris/blaze as I use their addons a lot. Will a donation to tvaddons help all of them? Or do I have to donate specifically to each of them. I beleive Lamda doesn't even take donation.
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    Kodi In Play Store. Kodi on Chromecast?

    Does anyone know if we can now just download Kodi via the play store on chromecast
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    Android or Matricom for Config Wizard setup?

    Im' just wondering which is best. I'm assuming Matricom config wizard should be used for setup. But how does it know the difference between the mx2 and the new q. I have both. What is wrong with using Android? Which I've just installed on both to test. Seems fine. Is it just less optimal...
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    Hello! On G-BOX MX2

    Just wanted to say hi. Been using the box for a while now. Pretty much just use Genesis+Pho*nix. Looking to do some more custom stuff if I can.