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    Indigo - Notifications Opt-out Setting Not Working!

    Good luck guys -- I deleted and re-installed Kodi and those addons I liked that did not use URLResolver last month.. It's a shame that it has come to this and their lack of a fix seems ridiculous as they certainly created it and could just back peddle everything. Guess the feud with The Crew...
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    VPN Notification

    Yeah it got way to old for me to deal with so I: 1. Uninstalled Kodi 2. Installed Kodi 3. Installed the three addons I use and did not install any crap from TV addons It really did not take that long to do and I'm TV addon SPAM free.
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    You should contact the site you got the build from. Personally I would never use a build - just bloated bs.
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    Here's a couple... And on Kodi forum...
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    @Slyshadows - Why would you expect them to be reading this forum?? And just because a third party developer(s) used their API does not necessarily make TVDB the people at fault. The TVDB forums can be found here ->
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    Is there any good Black Friday VPN deal available?

    TV addons has been promoting Nord VPN with e-mails ad nauseum for a while... Black Friday deal -> That deal is for $2.99/month if you sign up for 3 years - Never used them and can't...
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    Facebook Bans The Sale of All Kodi Boxes, Legal or Not

    I quit facebook some time ago... not a secure/friendly place -- users be aware as they are watching......
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    how to sign up

    RD - 6 months @ ~ $18 AD - 6 months @ $39.99 Doesn't seem to cost the same to me... but maybe I'm missing something.
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    URLResolver and RealDebrid issues

    First login to real debrid's web site and make sure your account is still Premium -- if not renew service. If that is true then activate real debrid with ResolverURL and URLResover (they are different … Two of the ones you listed use ResolverURL -- no idea on the powder puff).
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    Real Debrid not opening new accounts

    I would guess the e-mail you gave them is incorrect if you did not receive it (check junk/spam folders etc...) I just helped my niece with this yesterday and all went smoothly. 1. Register (user name, password, e-mail) 2. Activate from e-mail 3. Pick plan and purchase (Amazon Marketplace for...
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    IPVanish “No-Logging” VPN Led Homeland Security to Comcast User

    That's actually pretty disturbing.. wonder how many other 'we don't log' VPNs are out there that are lying.
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    Do you use a Debrid Service?

    Have used Real Debrid for a couple of years and loved it... still have it but links are not what they used to be - buffering etc. seems to be the norm for some (still a couple that are okay) so I'm starting to no longer see the benefit of it all.
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    Urgent help required

    Most of the 'Newer addons' use a outside database (IMDB, Trakt etc) to show what is being aired by the networks this does not mean somebody has actually bothered to record it and upload it for you to some site... this is the problem with "Cord Cutters" if you want the content someone out there...
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    MPAA Revenue Drops 20% as Movie Studios Cut Back

    They obviously had to cut ~30 employees to keep the CEO paid as expected.... got to love it.
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    Scraper Troubles

    I do not know of any one place that does what you are asking for (wish I did !!) As per your #1 issue please see
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    Scraper Troubles

    The main site for the first one you mentioned is having issues - it's has nothing to do with the add-on.
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    FilmOn Simple Addon (Discontinued)

    Thank you mhancoc7 -- Filmon and now of course Filmon Simple have always been one of my favorites!