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    Kodi 17 last used addon problem

    Hi, Just updated to the new kodi, and using estuary. I really don't like that when you use an addon, under the addon tab it automatically puts the last used addon first on the main screen. Is there a way to stop this updating, or have my favourite addons locked in place? Hope I've worded...
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    HDD constantly running up

    Hi, Running a pi2 using openelec 5.0.8 at the moment. I have a 2tb hdd connected via USB (75% full if this helps), this seems to be whirring away loudly as though it is always being accessed by the pi. If I shut the pi down the HDD drops to its standby mode, and when the pi is back on the HDD...
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    Script errors on mashup and ustvnow

    Hi, I'm having trouble with mashup and ustvnow addons, they get a script error on start up... Script failed! I've used them successfully in the past on a laptop, but this is my first go with a pi, running raspbmc. I've tried to get a log for the crash, but the...