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    Request ATV 2 Still useful?

    did a hard reset on mine and now just use it in bedroom for connecting Ipad to using VLC streamer to watch movies, WOW so using PC, ipad, ATV2 and TV to watch a movie lol.
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    XBMC Sound issue

    I had the same problem, it was though primarily the HD material, I actually found the fault to be the TV, using the same ATV2 I got distortion on my Toshiba TV upstairs, however worked find on my main Samsung downstairs.
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    Legal issues

    I read this in all seriousness to start
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    uk people argos new box maybe for you

    looking for a second box for bedroom, so looks interesting and for £65 its a bargain, will need to load everything on myself though, but still think it is worth a try Terragator
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    Hi there

    Just want to give you a quick Hi only just got XBMC on machine, never knew about this until about 2 week ago what a find thanks to all who contribute to this Terragator