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    Just a friendly hello.

    Keep the good work up.
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    Release USTVnow Plus Official Release Thread

    Works much better now..Great Job!!
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    Beta USTVnow Plus

    not playing anything for me? Cant be just me was working great until update...3 systems all no go tvmc kodi and oe...and I always played more than 400 with free acount 720 1024 and hd
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    USTVNow not working

    It is working..what version are you on?
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    Noobie looking for advice for moving from Apple TV 2 to Android.

    If your fairly new and just like the simplicity of ATV the Raspberry Pi 2 is a very cheap simple to use/program box...links up to most standard TVs with HDMI and uses the TVs remote to control using OE...I watch everything from movies to live iptv to (AND THIS IS IMPORTANT)...LIVE Pho*nix NHL...
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    USTVNow not working

    The connection speed Maybe a factor... so reduce the bandwidth in settings...wifi is generally a slower connection speed than lan and multiple devices reduces the bandwidth to each device...HD setting does require a HighSpeed connection. Let us Know.
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    USTVNow not working

    ALL FIXED and HD for free accounts...
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    USTVNow not working

    Coming Soon...Be patient..
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    USTVNow not working still up..however the addon is not functioning correctly due to a new ustvnow website integration...they seem to be migrating and working out the kinks which unfortunately the ustvnow addon is taking the brunt patient and follow the forum...things will get worked out.