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    [REQUEST] AccuRadio

    I'll have some time over the next couple of weeks. I like my music addons and this looks like a great site.
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    Over 450 addons enabled in 10 min via Flash Drive

    It's a bad idea installing that many addons without knowing what they are. It's an even worse idea installing them on a laptop, where I assume you have personal files and maybe even some account details/passwords etc. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Jango error

    I'll need a log please. It's working fine here.
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    Spoyser repo is no longer in the Fusion source. Where did it go?

    Have to agree with Spoyser on this. No-one is forced to use an addon.
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    Bug MP3 Streams cutting out...

    Try increasing pre-cache in settings. If it's cutting out it's not pre-downloading the tracks fast enough. Really hope you're not a box seller with a name like TVGuru. Pet hate of mine.
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    searching a developer who can make an add-on - you get paid ..

    Pm me a login and I'll take a look.
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    Whats up with filmon

    I assume you're talking about my addon Filmon.TV? I've just checked and it's all working here. If you're getting errors please post a link to the log file. Thanks
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    Multiple Addon folders and the main library

    There's no need to do that, use the context addon from my repo. You can add a show from one addon and you have a context option to play using a different addon.
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    Choose streaming addon from library?

    Install My Subscriptions Context addon. It gives you a new context option to select alternative addon from library. Get it from my repo.
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    My guess is that you're using a cheap android box and/or you've got some crazy buffer settings in advancedsettings.xml. I'm also guessing that you're trying only one addon? There are thousands upon thousands of users streaming perfectly right now. You have not actually asked for help or given...
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    Old School Kung Fu movies from 70s-80s?

    Check out the the On Demand section in Filmon.TV (Action). Some of the movies there might interest you.
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    XBMCHUB Graphics Showcase

    Thanks for doing this so quickly! I'll get the update with your art released today. :-)
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    Art required for new addon

    Thanks, I'll pm you over the next day or so. It's not a big addon in terms of art, but it has potential to be a great addon for content :)
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    Art required for new addon

    Soon to release a new addon and I'm looking for someone to create the art. Please reply here or pm me if you're interested. Still a few functions to add, but I am looking to release by the weekend, with or without art.
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    Desperate to watch UK channels using FilmOn.TV but always get script error

    Where are you based? The addon try to give you channels that are outside your geo location, but it doesn't work everywhere. Let me know where you are and I'll see ifbi can test using a vpn.
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    Desperate to watch UK tv, tried everything, but still get script error :-(

    Reboot your box then try to play a channel again. Then run log viewer, you should only see 1 or 2
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    Not a request per se

    @RavRob People don't tend to read my release threads anymore. I think you're probably one of two (the other being me) people that have used my log viewer :)
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    Desperate to watch UK tv, tried everything, but still get script error :-(

    If you've installed from my repo can you post a link to the log file for the script error? I know some people have issues playing UK channels from outside UK, but you shouldn't be getting script errors. You can use the log uploaded (either in maintenance tool or from the official kodi...
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    [RELEASE] Ultimate Guitar

    Should now be working with 1.0.7 update mate.
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    [RELEASE] Ultimate Guitar

    Sure mate, I'll try to have a look tonight. Still use the addon a lot myself, but mainly to view Justin's YouTube channel now.