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    Is the MP3 player finished? keep getting script error message when trying to use it. does not seem to be updated for quite a long time. Cheers Roy
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    Is the MP3 player down at the mo,? can not get it to play anything Cheers
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    Pri**wire and vpn

    Any tips guys have set up a vpn on a router, set it up for the usa , but Pri**wire will not open. all other blocked sites seem to be clearing but not Pri**wire. Cheers Roy
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    music jumping

    Hi guys quick question having problems playing music, has been working fine but started playing for about five minutes then jumping and finds a different station to play, happens on most links. Using fire tv not sure if this make any difference. Many thanks Roy
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    script file error on all channels

    Hi Guys any help you can give to get over this problam, working fine yesterday afternoon,went to use it last night and now get script file error on all channels. Soon as click on the link it comes back with a script file error, tried a fresh start but still no joy. Thanks Roy
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    Vpn and apple tv

    Hi has any body managed to set up a Apple tv to run with a vpn ? any info would be most welcome.
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    Hi Guys anybody running a VPN server to their Apple tv ? If so what do you need to do to set it up, and what was the result.