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    METALKETTLE (Thank You)

    Agreed MK one of the best ...will be missed
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    Welcome back everybody

    back in the saddle
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    gbox mx2

    No this is a tool to load original firmware back to the MXII if you can't by SD When you do get it back ..use a SD card to update to LE As crzen said you can't brick these babys
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    gbox mx2

    Just use USB flashing tool, never had an android that this program can't unbrick
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    gbox mx2 This is OE for the MX then an easy upgrade to LE and Krypton
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    Zero Cache

    Thank you for your help I am using a Pi3 with USB3 64 gig for storage
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    Zero Cache

    Ok is this better ? <advancedsettings> <network> <buffermode>1</buffermode> <memorysize>0</memorysize> </cache> </advancedsettings> and if not can you correct it so we can have zero cache back ? Thanks
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    Zero Cache

    If you really want to use zero cache, you just have to do it manually. Find your userdata folder and in that folder create a new file called "advancedsettings.xml" then edit that new file and paste the following into it. Code: <advancedsettings> <network>...
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    No "Tweaks"

    Thanks for this
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    No "Tweaks"

    ok thanks Thought there was more "tweaks" in it
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    No "Tweaks"

    Agreed , thats what I do as well , thanks for the .xml any chance anyone saved Tuxens .xml ? if so could you post it up
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    No "Tweaks"

    So there is no more option for "tweaks" ....... zero cache mod and Tuxens .xml Why is this ..use zero cache whenever I do a new setup
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    XBMC/MX2 help...PLEASE! 😩

    Just load LE on it ..that baby will hum great box with all the crap off it just follow these instructions
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    Release USTVnow Plus Official Release Thread

    Well installed it like a charm on latest build !! ( this on the free service ) woop woop
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    Release USTVnow Plus Official Release Thread

    Tried doing a search ..could not find answer ...Is Ustvnow working with Krypton alpha builds ? ( Running LE and its a Millhouse build )
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    the $8.93 CDN Funds 4K android box

    Plus on the 905 you can now load LE
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    KODI Krypton 17

    been running it on Pi for a few months issues at all ( Both OE and LE )
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    Gbox Midnight MX2 - Slow Playback HELP PLEASE!!

    Put OpenElec on it transforms the MX
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    Low bandwidth streaming Issues.

    for quite a few years IK was at 2.5 down ..had no issues ...but you must only look for SD and solid source's ...( not the sketchy ones )
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    My customized version of USTVnow

    FYI a no go on Jarvis ( Beta 1 ) (OE Millhouse build 1024) installs but errors out if I have time will post log this weekend