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    Mega-Debrid not working anymore in URLResolver?

    Thanks for the answer, but, the one i'm talking about is /, they are much like real-debrid :) Anyway, i've send Mega-Debrid a message and they tell me i should write the author of the plugin (URLResolver) about this issue...
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    VPN only on kodi

    I guess those replies don't answer the question. There is no easy way to setup a VPN only for a certain application. What you could try is to use a Proxy instead of a VPN and configure the Proxy inside the options of KODI. If you configure it like that, only "KODI data" will go through the...
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    Mega-Debrid not working anymore in URLResolver?

    Hi everyone, Anyone else noticed that Mega-Debrid is not working anymore? Anyone knows where I could send a message to ask if it's possible to fix that? I'm using Mega-Debrid as my backup for Real-Debrid...