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    Movie Poster integration

    I am setting up my home theater and found this really cool software that shows movie posters on a monitor/LCD screen. I have it setup to integrate with kodi however when I play a stream the movie poster does not show up. Whats cool about the software is that is cycles thru alot of movieposters...
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    Atmos movies

    Are there any add-ons that have movies with Dolby atmos? I read what the furk had some but I don't have an invite code to register. I don't mind a fee to access ad addon site but can't find any information to stream any content with atmos. Let me know thanks.
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    Golf Channel Addon- Full Episodes

    Hey guys... I used to be able to watch the full episodes from the golf channel witht eh ****** addon however that is now dead. Can anyone else make an addon or an addition to their addon for this? This would really rock. Thanks RF
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    Jynxbox with XAF Build

    Hey guys. I have a jynxbox running XAF build xbmc 12.1. I am trying to get Sm***h ****ams addon and other live addons to work however the player never comes up. How can I get this to work?
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    [Request] back9network

    Wanted to see if someone could make an addon for this website below Thanks
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    can you sync addons from one xbmc to another?

    I wanted to know if I could sync my main home theater install on my atv1 to my other xbmc installs (2 x atv2) That way if I update an addon or add an new addon it would sync to all my instances? Or is there a way to atleast sync all the information from an addon? Like on mashup I have a tons of...
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    Question on setting up mysql

    I have my setup as below acer revo 3610 (running ubuntu 12.04) as my main file server with samba atv1 crystalbuntu 12.2 frodo 3 x atv2 12.2 frodo I have installed mysql on the fileserver. I DO NOT have xbmc installed on the file server. Do I need to? If I do does xbmc need to be running in...
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    jynxbox remote

    I am finally getting around to testing my jynoxbox and setting it up. I installed the XAF xbmc install and it works however I do not like how the gryo remote works within xbmc. Is there a way to have it that the remote works without the gryo motion detection within xbmc and uses the buttons...
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    Bitcasa opinions

    I am thinking of signing up to bitcasa which gives you unlimited storage for 100.00 a year. How safe is it with our movies and tv shows? Would be nice to have this to save some space on my local hardrives. I just want to make sure it's safe as I'm in the US. I heard spider oak is good but it...
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    golf channel- Full episodes

    I was wondering if someone could make an addon for the golf channel full episodes? Would be great to see all the shows on it. Thanks
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    ustvnow alternative

    I am looking to get some stable paid streams for my wife to watch livetv. She is interested in chick channels like lifetime, bravo, ion, etc.. and was thinking of getting ustvnow but before I do wanted to see if there were any alternatives. I tried filmon but she really didnt like any of the...
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    Copy xbmc preferences from atv2 to jynxbox

    I have a backup copy from my atv2 xbmc install . Can i just copy it to ythe jynxbox? What folder path is it
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    ads on forum

    Whats up with the ads on the site? if we click does it generate rev for the site? Wondering so that I can click a couple time a day.
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    Request KIDOBI Children videos

    I found a site that has great videos for kids. Anyway someone could made an addon for it. PLEEEEASE. I will donate $$ for the efforts if needed.
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    I currently have a Netgear N600 WIRELESS DUAL BAND GIGABIT ROUTER and was thinking of upgrading to get faster speeds. I have comcast blast up to 30Mbps and Im getting download speeds of 2 to 3 MB/s showing on sabnzbd. Should I upgrade my router and will that increase my download speed?
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    Does anyone use a VPN?

    I was thinking of using a VPN on my network. Who uses it here? I read this article on torrent freak (Which VPN Service Providers Really Take Anonymity Seriously?) and it got me thinking that it might be a good investment to get a VPN. Im in the US and use usenet or stream via all the addon on...
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    Addons per profile user

    I just upgraded to frodo V12 and installed a bunch of addons on my master profile. I created another profile for the kids and wanted to just add specific addons for them to use or have in favs. I understand that since eden the addons is now global in all profiles however can I disable the addons...
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    crystalbuntu 2.0

    Is anyone trying the V2 of crystalbuntu? I am very curious on how it works on the atv1? I was thinking of going the openelec route since it seems to have more development but crystalbuntu V1 has been flawless so far for me. Post your experiences with either build
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    Help request- Install packages on archlinux

    I need some help from someone that is experiences in linux/archlinux. I have installed ALARM on a pogoplug E02 and it installed successfully. I now need to add packages like sabnzbd, sickbeard, couch potato, samba to it. make all packages reboot automatically and have all my external drives...
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    Lets go Texans!! *NWS*

    lets do this texans! GO TEXANS