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    unbrick amazon fire tv

    i have a fire tv box that when i turn on its stuck on recovery mode this is what it says amazon system recovery <e> i hit alt print screen and i and the screen comes up is amazon system recovery <e> with e: failed to mount/cache e:cant mount/cache/recovery/last_log e:cant open/cache/ and so...
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    gbox upgrade to kodi

    hello i recently applied 14.1 kodi to my gbox and when i open up kodi app the screen goes black nothing there any ideas what i should do . thanks for any info
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    picture offset

    hello im new here i have just installed kodi 14 on my gbox mx2 i had gotham 13.2 and it worked fine now with the kodi installed when i start a movie the picture is not centered i tried video calibration but the triangle is square im not sure how to center the picture any help please.