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    Where do kodi data files save on a computer?

    I thought it would be like on an android device where there is a .kodi folder that has all the data. On pc when I go to the kodi folder it seems to only have stock kodi stuff and nothing that has been added... is that saved somewhere else on the computer?
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    Creating a build/wizard/zip without uploading it online?

    I was wondering with all these builds available that you can download online and install is it possible just to make one on a zip put it on a flashdrive and install from there? I tried doing it myself and of course it failed does anyone know the necessary steps to making a build. I just want to...
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    1-CLICK tv show addon

    Hello I am looking for a good one click addon for tv shows. By this I mean you click the show then you click t he episode and it plays relatively fast no sorting through sources etc. There was one that I shall not name as it is gone but I am looking for something along these lines. I know...
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    Help can't get back to default homescreen on google nexus player!

    Hello I recently got a asus google nexus player and loaded kodi on it. I put the signed launcher version of 15.1 on there and stupidly selected always when I hit kodi as the homscreen launcher. Now whenever I restart no matter what I do it returns back to kodi. Is there anyway to get back to the...
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    Loading my setup on google nexus player.

    I just got a google nexus player and it seems great but I load kodi and then transfered all my files into the kodi directory and it simply opens to a fresh build with nothing on it each time. I've done this on many devices including the fire tv and never had this problem. I can see all the files...
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    Good one click tv show addon?

    Does anyone know of a good one click tv show addon? I really like movies xk for movies it's very snappy and I used to use a certain addon for tv shows before it got shut down. Was wondering if theres anything for popular tv shows that has one click high quality playing. Before anyone mentions it...
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    How to watch dodger games... I'm in los angeles sigh

    Anyone familiar with la knows that one cable company owns all the rights and abilities to watch baseball and unless you are signed up with them you can't watch. Unamerican but anyway is there any addons that I can watch my dodgers with? Spor**dev*l seems to never work.
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    Reading usb storage in clockwork recovery.

    I was wondering if it is possible to read mounted usb from the clockwork recovery screen. I would like to be able to pull the prerooted firmware directly from the usb stick instead of having to push it to the devices sd card when I update firmware. I am able to see the mounted usb folder then I...
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    Want something better than the fire tv.

    While I have had a good run with the fire tv I think I want to get something a little more snappy but I don't want to jump out of the price range. I figure i'm paying in part a premium for the amazon features anyway. The g box seems like a good move but is it much better than the fire tv? Also I...
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    Fire tv stick keeps crashing when watching a movie.

    I've noticed that about 20 minutes into a movie using both genesis and 1Ch**nel xbmc will crash and take me back to the main amazon screen. This happens without fail on the new hunger games stream from the source "streamin". And only on my stick not on my fire tv, I have tested both.
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    Showing only "recent" content in recently added tv library?

    Whenever I add a new tv show to my library it adds the full collection starting from episode one which is fine but is there anyway to control what it places in the recently added section so that i dont have that show fill up my recently added library and mabye just the episodes that occured...
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    How do you update addons

    Sometimes xbmc will just automatically update a bunch of my addons all at the same time I was wondering if there was a way I can manually trigger this process. Also other times it will simply show the loading symbol but then i get no notification of what happened. Is there anyway I can have more...
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    Is xbmc filling up my fire tv storage?

    After I installed spmc I installed that config file to reduce buffering and i've noticed that im down to just 2gigs of total space now and I havn't really put much on the device yet. Is it possible that it is saving the files of the movies I am watching?
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    SPMC location on firetv via ssh

    I'm trying to access the log files for spmc but I can't seem to find a folder or spmc on the fire tv does anyone know if this can be accessed? I wanted to backup my addons to a dropbox.
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    What to do once you root

    I just ordered my ftv should be here tomorrow and I know I want to root it first thing out the box mainly because I don't want to miss my opportunity to root it but what really can you do with the fire tv rooted besides use an external hard drive?
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    Fastest way to load addons

    I am gonna be setting up a few rasp pis with Gotham and wanted to test different settings and skins but the only ways I know to add my apps are to restore from a backup is there a faster way to load them on like ssh via a computer?
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    Showing recently added/viewed on home window.

    I've seen some builds where they have a few thumbnails above the video section of recently added shows. I was trying to add this to my setup and was told they have to be in the library for this option to become available. I added some shows to my library through genesis and this option is still...
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    Going for rasp pi to Amazon Fire TV

    I just bought another pi b+ and while I love these little things I'm realizing that if I spend about 30 bucks more I can get the fire (raspi is roughly 70 with everything). Is there any reason not to upgrade I've heard there are issues with rooting or putting xbmc on the new ones with updates, I...
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    Screen locks up after exiting movie in open elec xbmc.

    This started happening recently after the new update to openelec and I was wondering if anyone else is having this. After I finish or exit a movie that is playing it goes to a black folder window and hangs up for a while before returning back to the main menu. It also does this when im opening...
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    Decent trakt tv phone app

    Not really sure if this is the right place for this question so I apologize if it isn't. Just curious if anyone found a good smartphone app for trakt tv, I know a lot of people integrate it with genesis or other addons. The only one I have had any real success with is utrakt. Their site doesn't...