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    Release USTVnow Plus Official Release Thread

    This forum keeps saying: "The server is too busy at the moment. Please try again later."
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    Bug [MAC MINI-Kodi 15.2] Apple Remote Quits Responding

    Since my Mac Mini 2011 upgraded to OSX El Capitan', Kodi 15.2 sporadically loses control of the Apple Remote. Never once had an issue prior to the OSX upgrade. One way to get the remote working again is to exit Kodi, toggling the “Disable remote control infrared receiver” in OSX off and back on...
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    No apple remote??? What happened??

    I'm using XBMC's nightlies for OSX. Rolling back to 4/30 nightlie fixes the problem, but none of May's nighties work. This is a major issue. Has anyone here found a work around for this?
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    No apple remote??? What happened??

    What happened to the Apple Remote support in all of May's nightlies? I have no way of controlling XBMC using my Apple Remote on the Mac Mini. This support stopped working with xbmc-20130502-430bf2e-master-x86_64.dmg and on. At first I thought this was a bug, but it's not being fixed with...
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    [RELEASE] Live Security Cameras on XBMC

    Featured Cams menu list loaded fine. Clicking on any of the featured cams did nothing. Going back and selecting USA cams froze XBMC.
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    xmbc- Cannot open file

    His problem isn't with XBMC, but with the Na*i-X addon. He will get that error if Na*i-X servers are overloaded and cannot keep up with requests. Solution: try again later.
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    Youtube broken?

    Everything seems to be working again. Yeah, I don't browse YouTube too much. I watch my subscribed channels. It's nice when I only have a few minutes to watch something. I don't want to have to exit XBMC just to do this.
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    Youtube broken?

    Yep, broken again. It's usually because Google keeps changing stuff.
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    Trakt utilities not scrobbling

    Next-aired isn't installed on my system so that is not it. Manual syncing works fine, but scrobbling does not. Less importantly, neither does the rating feature. I'm completely stumped.
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    Trakt utilities not scrobbling

    Anybody got this working under Eden on a MacMini? This addon doesn't seem to scrobble or rate anything. I believe it may be broken.