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    How do you stop the VPN pop up

    Why does this TVAddons window keep popping up? I have tried to turn it off but it keeps popping up.
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    No audio Leia 18.8

    i need help with getting the audio back on. KODI as working fine and then a day ago the audio stopped. There is a muted ico on the top right corner of the screen when first opened. The audio settings are all set to default (now) and the volume levels are set to 3/4 high. No sound! What do...
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    malware queston

    How do you know if your unit has been infected with malware download. Thanks
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    is there a DVR android box

    Is there an DVR box? How can you record the streams to A DVR? Thanks
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    Can you get free TV

    Not sure where to post this question. But can you get free TV or do you need subscription services for different content. Thank you for you replies.
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    NEWBIE needs help

    Hi to all. I am new to this and have a AVOV II it came with KODI a couple of years ago but I never could update it and now I only get about four channels. Can someone direct me to update to the proper version of TV ADDons or what ever I need to do. Would I be better off to purchase a new and...