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    Send video to play on Vimeo AddOn

    Hey guys, I'm still struggling with some stuff I want to achieve when playing around and trying different things. I want to add a menu item that links to a video on Vimeo. What would be the way to do it? I'm not sure what should I detail when adding something like this. Thanks a lot.
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    Need help with getting videos

    So, I'm very new to all this Kodi AddOn Development. I made so far a small add-on for me (for now) that is linking content from Youtube channels and playlists. I now want to try something more advanced, but I'm having some problems. Let's explain what I'm trying to do with this example so...
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    Hi there! New to the forum and with some questions

    Well after checking most of the sub-forums I guess I better start here. I landed on the forum after checking the main website and as this days I was "playing around" with coding my first Kodi AddOn I decided to make an account so I can ask a few questions for now. I did a very very basic addon...