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    Amazon tv stick remote

    Need help, my remote is broken for my stick, I got a new onE but I can't get it to connect to the stick because the old one still is but it doesnt work at all, anyone can help me with this?
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    Starting Kodi Search Error No Results

    Does anyone know how to fix or get rid of "Search Error No Results" when starting up Kodi? It goes away sometimes or just keeps popping up, I think its from the tweeter advertisement..
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    Nito installer for Apple TV 2

    Anyone know when Nito will update the software for Apple tv 2 Kodi 14.0 Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!!!!!!
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    CAnt install xbmc with nito installer or with the app

    anyone else having this issue I have two apple tv 2's and the same issue with both units.
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    XBMC vs RODI

    XBMC vs kODI Just wondering if my xbmc will change to Kodi if I update to gotham 13.2 on my atv2? or can I do it another way?
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    Did Apple stop signing 5.3? tried 3 units and keep getting this unit is not Eligible for this version. anyone else getting this with the apple tv 2?
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    Gotham 13.1

    Just did a jailbreak and install xbmc Gotham 13.1 with Nito and most addons are incompatible, will Nito have the new Gotham 13.2 and will it fix this issues? Thanks for any help
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    Is there a glitch with nito, its taking about 5 to 10 mins to install nito on my atv2 and the same with xbmc. before nito would install in 30 to 40 sec and xbmc would in 2 mins. anyone else having the same issues?
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    Repo enabled

    everything is enabled and lots are empty, tried to force and update but still nothing is working, source is down any idea when they will be up and running anyone? *****banned****** *****banned****** vinnydude blazetamers repo bunkfords repo carb0s repo divingmules repo *****banned******...