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    Question Why is the FEN addon showing any results

    FEN addon will not give me any results when browsing for movies or tv shows
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    Kodi App

    My Kodi app will not open, My hulu and Amazon prime work fine . Whats up with this, i might be able to grab a kodi app from play store but i don't need go into unknown territories
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    Indigo keeps disappearing

    Ever since the CDATA fiasco I have had Kodi issues, I even switched boxes, I have always used Indigo as my go to HOUSEKEEPER, but is keeps going away, I reload it, run my maintenance program, Whats up with that or is there another app that i can replace it with.
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    media box launcher

    My "Unfortunately media box launcher has stopped", Do I need to download another app from google and if so which one ? I do not wish to replace the box, I did a cache clear, Thank You
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    TV episode watched check off won't work

    Recently I have noticed that shows and movies that I have watched will not check off nor can I check them as "SEEN or WATCHED" Wats up with that ?