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    Bug Kodi 17 cannot play url

    Hi, I have an addon run correctly with Kodi 16 but not in Kodi 17. In Kodi 16, Kodi VideoPlayer can play succesfully url but Kodi 17 throws an error 403 for the same url. Anybody has an idea how to fix it ? Thanks in advance for your help, sviet Here is the debuglog...
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    Help to get link from

    Hi, I am trying to get links from I understand that I have to use following urls to get json result: and...
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    Need help to resolve url from picasa web

    Hi, I am a newbie and would like to learn to write an addon. I have problem to get media url to pass it to xbmc player. Please find in below the script code to play the video that I don't know how to resolve it to get the media url. I would very much appreciate any help or guidance you are...