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    Why is my Kodi Leia 18.5 so slow??

    any clue why my android box is now super slow? i just did a factory refresh , wiped everything off.. put on leai 18.5 and now when ever i go through the menus is supper slow, laggs, freezes... etc etc.. i only p[ut like one addon - whats going on here??? here is my log..
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    Log posted here so you can help

    Video devil will not open a site in it and i get a weird video error - here is log.. whats the problem?? thanks
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    What is this video error???

    i try opening a site in video devil and get this error?? what is it and how do i fix it?? error in video devil REASON: 'uft8' codec can't decode bytes 0xc5 in position 90652: invalid continuous byte
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    Eporner addon not working

    is this just me? or is it done? if its just me - how do i get it working??? i get a video error
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    Adultflix crashes

    I tried using this addon, but it seems to crash or hang my android box everytime.. anyway to get this working??
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    Video Devil Help

    Video devil has been very finicky lately.. it does work , but once in the list of sites some dont work would someone be kind enough to see if Eporner works or not? its a great site but will not load for the past few weeks. I put a new install of kodi.. a new install of video devil, yet keep...