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    LSP Regex & Makelist Discussion.

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    YouTube Is Not Liable for Pirating Users, Court Rules

    cool, so google gets by while kim dotcom, piratebay and others dont....
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    Canada’s Mr. Robot Premiere Censored By False DMCA Notice

    wonder how much revenue showcase will loose because of this...nbc should pay up....
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    Warner Bros. Obtains Injunction Against 16 Torrent Sites

    “Warner wants viewers who want to see the movie, to see it in theaters in the best quality, not via a poor-quality illegal copy,"
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    kodi not very reliable

    running Javis 16 alpaha1 on a linux based htpc with zero issues. im not a fan of the plug n play android based boxes at all. maybe they are better now than what i experienced a few years back.
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    whats not working today

    why complain?
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    Share your wallpapers

    yea, im a fanboy
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    UK Authorities Launch Facebook Piracy Crackdown

    yea, this is dangerous...
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    PIVOS XIOS DS Media Play Question for Kodi

    i got the latest tofu on a m3 jynxbox. works great.
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    help think i have a bug

    can you get to android at all? there are a few apps that will boot into recovery. i was having a hard time getting my tablet to boot to recovery and used an app called "reboot" to get to recovery.
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    mygica atv1200 glitches won't power on and or no video output

    i have two atv1200 and have not experienced anything like that.
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    Which box now?

    im using a mygica/geniatech atv1200 with no issues. good little box. works better than my linux pivos.
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    Which box should I buy ? Pls help.

    im using a MyGica/Geniatech ATV1200, working flawlessly on android. couldnt be more happy
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    how do I unmute

    try the F8 button
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    Radio Reference US issue

    ive noticed it tends to work on Frodo 12.2 but not 12.0.
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    How to ssh into pivos xios ds m3

    i use winscp. login is root. password is let me in.