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    INL3D android box PROBLEM

    hey all, I have an INL3d android box. I did a total rest of the box and I still have a problem with HD videos. I can play any SD video find but anything in HD on ANY ADDON does not play correctly. The video is slow and way out of sync. Does anyone know how I can fix this? Thanks for any help.
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    Cast kodi to tv useing chome cast

    hey All. I can cast my windows 7 64 to the tv via google chrome but I can t get kodi to work. I can stream movies on my drive but not kodi. can I get some help on this. I ll be on the forum all day... Thanks
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    Tool to merge IMDB with Trakt accounts

    Hey All I though I would share this. This is great for add ons that don t have an IMDB setting [TOOL] Sync Ratings and Watchlist from IMDb to (also TMDb, TVDb and Listal) | MediaPortal Forum
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    I messed something up.

    hey all kodi was working fine for me so today I was adding local videos on my drive to the library I made, after that video and audio buffer on any addon or even local file. I m not should what I did but I need some help now. I deleted my library but still the same problem. here is my log file...
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    beeg and concert archive not working

    does anyone know why beeg and concert archive are not working now? Thanks...
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    Coping the source list file to anonther device

    hey guys. I install kodi on many devices, mostly windows 7 and fire tv's many times I can just use a backup because some people may want different addon s so I would like to copy the source list file to the unit and work from there. also I d like to copy the setting for all the addons like say...
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    no USB on fire tv

    ok I had to rest my fire tv and I have kodi install but I can t get my cordless usb keyboard and mouse to work. I know it works on my other fires tv. any help would be great... Thanks
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    Kodi crashing on OS X 10.6.8 on older notebook

    Hey guys I just tried a clean install of kodi on the mac book and it crashes at start up. here is the log error. Process: Kodi [182] Path: /Applications/ Identifier: org.xbmc.kodi Version: 14.2. (Git-20150326-7cc53a9) Code Type...
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    Request List of Cartoon addons

    I m looking for a good list of cartoon addons Maybe leaning addons for kids Thanks...
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    fire tv will not turn on.

    hey all. I went to watch xbmc the other day and my fire tv will not go on. I have 2 so I tried the other power supply and still nothing. I have my tv on and on the correct hdmi port. I tried my other box with both power supplies and it works on all my tv's any ideas on what happened or what to...
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    Addons that have auto view

    Hey guys, can you post a list of all the addons that have Auto view options. Thanks
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    over all xbmc problem

    my install of xbmc just does work well over all. here is my log file. thanks for any help.
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    xbmc on fire tv home screen

    hey guys I m setting up many fire tv s I have 1 left to do but I have to downgrade the firmware. here is one problem I m having. I want xbmc on the home screen on each unit but when I via lima I don t see channel tv or the other one, I forget what it was called. Just got what am I...
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    unbrick amazon fire tv

    hey guys, I brick my fire tv, have can I restore the unit. its stuck on the boot up screen Thanks for any help
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    inxtall xbmc on ipad 2 running ios 7.1

    hey guys can I get xbmc on my ipad 2. it has ios 7.1 installed now any help on how to do this with links would be great. Thanks
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    audio problem with HD videos

    on some videos I get a constant clicking sound when watching hd video. is there a setting I should change on the amazon fire tv? the same video plays fine when on my windows 7 pc I m using xbmc 13 on both thanks for any help.
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    How to Backup and restore Amazon Fire TV completely.

    I would like to make a backup of my fire tv to move to another unit. can someone tell how I would do this. I know how to backup xbmc but not all the apps I have installed or account settings, just to make it easier. detailed english please, I m new to android devices. Thanks
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    Many Errors

    hi guy's I just did a clean install of windows 7 with xbmc and I set it up with fusion. I m getting many errors and I can t seem to figure how to fix it. here is my log. thanks for the help sorry for the rush but the pc has to leave in about 6 hours.
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    xbmc slow on a mac book pro

    hey guys here is my log file. can someone help me with this thanks anything channel I click on ie 1Ch**nel, Ic*f*lms etc the next menus come up very slow like in some cases 5 minutes. Music is slow but not as bad. This is a new install of mountain lion...
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    Installing xbmc on many devices.

    Hey All, I install xbmc for many people on windows 7, OS X ipads and apple tv's. what I would like to know is instead of making a new install everytime I would like to make a copy of it with all the addons, tweaks and what ever else I need and load it on the unit. I know that there are many...