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    cannot post on cordcutters

    This may answer my question on not getting into cable cutters. If it is not worth it I will not waste my time.l also have not bin able to resolve my original post I put on this forum. To bad
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    Cable or cord cutters site?

    Is the user name and pass word the same for cable cutters the same as TVADDONS. When I try to use my e-mail to sign into cutters it says the e-mail is already in use.Also when I go on to a station the words " Starting Local Proxy " show on the screen for a few seconds. Do I need this if not how...
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    M Box cutting out

    OK more troubles. When I press Log Uploaded the destination e-mail address does not come up it asked me if I want to brown load my logs but says the e-mail failed. Twice before I put in two different e-mail but never received a e-mail with the logs.
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    M Box cutting out

    Sorry for the delay on getting back to you. I went through the steps of getting the logs but could not get an e-mail .I will try after work again thanks
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    M Box cutting out

    OK. But how do I get to the logs get this I have seen logs mentioned but could not find them. I am far from being an expert at these things Thanks again.
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    M Box cutting out

    We watch a veriety of programs mostly on Prime Wire, Ex**us, Pho*nix, Pro S**rts. It cuts out on these shows that are airing nowt but if I go into my favorites and put on a show that aired a few days ago it does not cut out. So it is only on the live shows. Thanks
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    M Box cutting out

    Hope I'm in the right spot. I have a GooBangDoo m-box with kodi and it has started cutting out after playing for only 3mins I have to hit the center OK button and then to works for another 3mins and quits again. Is there setting that I have to change or can I reset the box without loseing...
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    Hi new to forum

    Just a short hello. Looking forward to some good discussions and info thanks tux