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    Screensave goes blank after a few seconds

    Raspberry Pi 2 OSMC September 2016.09-01 Kodi 16.1 Skin = Confluence There seem to be many posts out there about blank screens, this is not that kind of problem. I can watch films, I can listen to music all is fine... with the exception of the screensaver. This is currently set to 'dim', there...
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    Can Kodi Connect to Bluetooth Speakers

    I'm running OSMC on Raspberry Pi2 I have a bluetooth 4.1 dongle and in the 'My OSMC' menus, bluetooth is configurable, it will scan and detect my android phone and my bluetooth speaker. From what I think I am seeing in the Kodi bluetooth implementation, it will accept bluetooth connections for...
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    Quiet Audio on uPnP

    Hello everyone, this is my first post and I hope I have found the right place to post this question. I'm running Kodi 16.1 on OSMC 2016.08-01 (Kernel Linux 4.4.16-40 and have a smart tv connected via HDMI and also capable of dlna. Kodi is configured to share media via uPnP?dlna. When I play...