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    Need help with Kodi n NVIDIA Shield

    Hi everyone. I've been a Kodi user for several years now. I've been away from the forums for some time and I'm totally lost with the new Forum. Where can I get help with KODI not loading anymore on my Shield TV? Thanks guys.
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    new to this forum but using XBMC/KODI for years

    I've been a member for years but didn't come as much for some time now. I'm totally lost with the new Forum look and feel. I can't find where I'm supposed to ask my questions. Is like being a newbie all over again :confused:
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    NVidia Shield Thread

    I did the same. I bought the 16gb version and a 1TB external drive and it reads it with no issues.
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    Abd shield

    I was reading about it. What exactly can you do with it?
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    NVidia Shield Thread

    I got my shield yesterday and set up the basic stuff, like Kodi. Is anyone running the Jarvis beta build? I installed 15.2 in the meantime, but it really bothers me not having the context menu from the remote (only works with the game remote). Any tips from Android TV owners? (like best skin...
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    KODI and the APPLE TV

    I can't watch movies. Every time I try to do it, the Apple TV reboots. Anyone seen this?
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    Netflix nag on Atv2

    What I did was install Nito and the upgrade message disappear. They have a tool for it. I'm still running 5.3 untethered and Netflix working good.
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    All vs unwatched

    I don't know if I should post this so please guide me if I'm in the wrong place. You know how you can select what you want to see on screen. For example if you want to display "all" or just the "unwatched" shows/movies. On previous versions you could have separate settings for different...
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    Anyone else using Amber skin?

    That's the one I'm running on my ATV's. I actually love the customization it has, but there's some things that still can be improved. Fact is, now I can't use any other skin because nothing compares to Amber xD ;)
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    Changing Skin

    Once you install the repo, you need to actually install the skin. Go Settings > Addons > Get addons > Skin > and look for the repo you installed. The skin should be there. Then go to Appearance > Get more... and the skin you want should be available to install.
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    Facebook media

    Thanks, gotcha!
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    Facebook media

    How does the Facebook media add on works? I tried to use it but once I enter my email and password it ask me for a token, where do I get it? :confused: Again, if I posted in the wrong place, let me know :D
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    I'm lost :p

    Thanks mate! :D
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    I'm lost :p

    Hey guys, I've been wondering through the different sections of the forum. Can someone point me on where do I mention about a program plug in I'm having doubts about? (facebook media). Also, where do you mention about series in one add-on where the titles do not match the episode? On the...
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    XBMC on Kindle fire HD "7

    It makes sense :) What file did you use for download, the regular apk for android or some specific apk?
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    XBMC on Kindle fire HD "7

    I know this has been discussed but i didn't find help on any thread and i don't know what else to do. I have found at least 3 methods to install XBMC on the kindle fire. - One moving the AP to System > APP and installing the apk from there (after changing the permissions). - The second was...
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    Android xbmc app?

    Hey guys, can I get this on a Kindle Fire HD? I have a friend who bought one and I just rooted for him, so I was wondering what version of XBMC should I use. I tried the APK I used for my Samsung Galaxy, but it didn't work. Edit: LOL, i didn't know Kindle fire is Tegra 2 :o
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    Urgent news! Apple stop signing 5.0.2 and 5.2 - jailbreak no longer possible!

    Holy cow, that's would awesome! :D
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    APPLE TV 2 not booting up

    LOL! thanks, i'm really enjoying my time reading around the page and the forums, and learning a lot too! :D
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    APPLE TV 2 not booting up

    I think I finally got it right (hopefully). The steps taken were a little different thou. Let me do a summary in case someone else face this issue (at least as a workaround): - I did the jailbreak as suggested for version 5.2.1 (tethered boot). - Once the jailbreak was loaded via iTunes i...