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    Need help with Kodi n NVIDIA Shield

    Hi everyone. I've been a Kodi user for several years now. I've been away from the forums for some time and I'm totally lost with the new Forum. Where can I get help with KODI not loading anymore on my Shield TV? Thanks guys.
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    All vs unwatched

    I don't know if I should post this so please guide me if I'm in the wrong place. You know how you can select what you want to see on screen. For example if you want to display "all" or just the "unwatched" shows/movies. On previous versions you could have separate settings for different...
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    Facebook media

    How does the Facebook media add on works? I tried to use it but once I enter my email and password it ask me for a token, where do I get it? :confused: Again, if I posted in the wrong place, let me know :D
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    I'm lost :p

    Hey guys, I've been wondering through the different sections of the forum. Can someone point me on where do I mention about a program plug in I'm having doubts about? (facebook media). Also, where do you mention about series in one add-on where the titles do not match the episode? On the...
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    XBMC on Kindle fire HD "7

    I know this has been discussed but i didn't find help on any thread and i don't know what else to do. I have found at least 3 methods to install XBMC on the kindle fire. - One moving the AP to System > APP and installing the apk from there (after changing the permissions). - The second was...