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    tweaking keymap from repo.elmerohueso is not working

    I'm trying to change the ley map to key2 or key3 using repository from fusion repo.amerohueso . but it does not change the key map to the desired one . any help . i know about using sshdroid and change it from keymap inside kodi but its hustle . thx
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    question about hardware like firetv Apple TV ect.....

    we had a section where we can discussion about firetv apple tv ect can not see it . m i missing anything thx god bless
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    .adb problem connecting plz

    i have been using ./adb to install kodi since these stuff came out . i installed more than 25 unit i use macbook just today can not connect to firetv using ../adb never happen before . i kill the server i start the server when trying to connect it just came back to the prompt...
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    Trouble with remote control

    Using kodi 15.2. The newest firetv I'm having trouble with remote sometimes does not control the box New butterie. I always have to take the butterie out and put them back in order to control the box again Never happen befor with the old firetv Thank you
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    firetv 2nd gen and front panel light

    i use many firetv 1st ten they all have a steady light on from panel while active in use . first time i use firetv 2nd gen the front light don't show and the firetv is in use not in sleep mode .. i only can see light appear and disappear when i use the remote button ..... is this...
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    firetv remote with kodi 15.2 is horrible any help

    since i use 15.2 I'm stuck all the time the remote stop controlling either i change the battery or i do pairing . but it happen all the time I'm frustrated any help puzzle
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    no longer can ssh to firetv with firetv version 2 why is that ??

    i usually ssh to firetv using sshdroid app i use cyberduck but with firetv 2n gene it does not allow me to it . how to transfer zip file without using it need help plzzzzzzzz thx
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    kosi 15.2 and the remote control plz help

    i just feel like my kodi 15.2 is terrible for my remote control. i suddenly all the time can not control the firetv i have to keep pairing or changing battery and it happen again and again . what is wrong ? thx
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    Few question about firetv remote and compatibility with some apps. Plzzz

    i installed an app (icflix). I can use a USB mousse To control but the firetv remote control is not controlling all. Only few function Anyone knows how to fix this if there is any ? The app says when installed need to instal google play in order for it to function But I could use it without...
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    firetv stick problem with the home apps

    i got firetv stick installed kodi 14.2 in it i tried it it works good . but when i try just the original home screen apps like netflix or anything else it keep saying loading and hung there no apps load but if i try preview of movies it works the problem only the apps plz anyhelp ?
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    Kodi 15 plz share

    I use 14.2. How smooth Kodi 15 Is it still have some bugs or its final And works good. I'm using firetv and firetv stick Thx
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    does firetv stick as good as firetv itself ?

    wanna try the firetv stick . some people say it gets hot some say you can not turn it off. does it have a great reception using wifi ? does the performance as good as firetv ? thx
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    does enabling the update will loose the rooting .??

    ftv is router but has an old software menu . if i enable the update to download the new software will i loose the routing ? thx
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    firetv and games

    plz does firetv when using kodi will have access to a free games to download if so how thank you .
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    kodi keymap default

    anyone knows what number of keymap kodi has as default ? using kodi if press return button it does not stop or exit the movie . the movie keep plying and i have to press the select button then hit stop . thx i don't know which keymap number the edit it to thx
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    apple tv 2 and kodi 14.2

    does apple tv 2 takes and work well with kodi14.2 ? mine crashes and don't wanna open kodi 14.2 . if not how can i go back to kodi14.1 using the apple tv 2 thank you
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    apple tv crash with 14.2 how to go back to 14.1 pizza

    apple tv crash with 14.2 how to go back to 14.1 i did the instal kodi using into i only get 14.2 which crash the system can not open to kodi keep just rebooting . i wanna go back to kodi 14.1 how to do that thx
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    Amazon firetv. Remote. Replacement

    Lost my original amazon firetv remote Amazon is selling them for 30 + shipping And the remote for fire stick is 15 Does the remote for firesticks works for amazon firetv Anyone can confirm. Thx
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    Bricked firetv help won't recover

    i fixed many bricked firetv amazon using the keyboard and 3 keys simultaneously: Alt + Print Screen + i then home button and restore to factory . but this time i got this firetv from friend to help him out with the problem all the steps went good but even when i did the factory restore...
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    is it possible to delete some apps from the application firetv not rooted .

    I'm looking to delete those preloaded apps stores . like amazon video amazon music ect in the application section to make it shorter and fast to get to the kodi or spmc . with not rooted firetv. i know i can do that with rooted one . god bless thx ....