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    Another Chromebook questtion

    I found an article on adding Kodi to my Chromebook. I am running Chrome OS 57 without google play. Per instructions I downloaded arc welder. Then Kodi APKs. Then opened APKs (From APK Mirror. There were 3 sets of APKs. I tried all 3. On two of the I got the Kodi splash screen, then a puzzle...
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    How do I install a PVR? And will it work with live TV addons. I would like to time shift so I can skip comercials when watching sports?
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    A suggestion

    Please note I am not a coder just a faithful user of Kodi. Since more and more people have multiple devices that can run Kodi I would like it to look and feel the same across all my devices. I think indigo can do this. What I mean is same addons same set up same favorites same watched list...
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    Best under $200 Laptop / tablet for Kodi

    Hi, In your opinion what is the best Laptop or Tablet for Kodi for less then $200. I am having trouble finding something portable for Kodi.
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    SPMC and Idigo

    I am sorry for all the similar posts but this is driving crazy. I have a Fire tablet with SPMC. But I can't get past the main menu to add any addons, Except the ones built into Spmc. Mostly I can not install fusion. So I was wondering if Indigo would be better.Will any of these work with a fire...
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    Fire Tablet

    Hi I recently purchused A Fire Tablet. Noy a fire TV stick. I can not find a way to load Kodi.. I heard about a program calld SBMC. But all my searces come up with a banking app. Is there a way to load Kodi on a fore tablet. If so would someone please set me up with step by steps direction I...
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    Fire Tablet

    Can Kodi be installed on a Fire Tablet? Is it the same install as Fire TV?
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    Kodi on Chromebook

    My friend put Kodi on my new Chromebook for me. But since it can't unzip files and Kodi addons are zip files, is there a way to use Kodi and your awesome addons. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum.
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    Best 4K addons

    Hi Just bought a new 4K smart TV. I cut the cord a couple of months ago and run KOdi on my PC. 2 questions what addon is the best for 4K content? And should I try to add Kodi derectly to my TV, I have no problems running it on my PC.
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    Forced buffering

    OK I read the post on buffering. I don't mind letting a video buffer if once it starts to play I have no stoppages. So is there any way to get a video to buffer? For the last 48 hours or so nothing will play or buffer for me. (Please bear with me if I am not using correct terms) My video will...
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    Software vs Hardware

    I am currently using Kodi as a software download on my PC, attached to a 42" HDTV. Would I get any benifit from buying a "Kodi" box ?