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    Request G*ia Playback

    This addon is not supported here. You will find much for info on this addon on Reddit. Are you using a premiumize or real-debrid account? This addon's main purpose is streaming torrents using real-debrid or premiumize. I am almost always able to find a great cached stream to play and quality...
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    How to add watchfree to Nep**ne R**ing

    Since that addon uses NAN scrapers you would have to check with them most likely.
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    Request How to REMOTE Access your FIRE TV?

    for the firetv I always use adblink which can be found at the link below. Very easy to use with lots of features.
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    Openelec is pretty much dead now, libreelec is by far the best way to go. I have not used on an android box but love it on my pc. Head on over to and you should be able to find the info you need for your box.
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    Install problems

    I have not run libreelec on any boxes but run it on my pc's and love it. It is very stable and boots straight into kodi. They have great forums with plenty of support as well.
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    Install problems

    The only time I have seen that issue was if the version of kodi that was on the box was not an official version and you then try to install an official version the signatures will not be the same and install will fail. You could try to remove the user data folder before installing again. An...
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    Setting up Real Debrid

    Your welcome. You might also note that not all addons use url-resolver for real-debrid authorization and need to be authorized separately from url-resolver. The new Bubbles addon for example has its own real-debrid authorization in the addon itself.
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    Setting up Real Debrid
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    Never get real 5.1

    Here is a link to some articles on Real-debrid here on the site. Pho*nix is another addon that is in the TVAddons repo. There is a list of 5.1 movies in the More-Power section.
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    Never get real 5.1

    There are not alot of free streams with 5.1 sound. A real-debrid account is pretty cheap and there are lots of 5.1 sound streams. For movies there are some lists in Pho*nix that have 5.1 sound though.
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    Request modify confluence

    I guess I had spoke too soon, I did not try to launch my new icons until I saw this post and mine will not launch either.
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    Request modify confluence

    This worked for me in windows 10 kodi 17.1 thanks.
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    Request modify confluence

    There is also a customize able version of confluence called Xonfluence. Here is a link to the thread on the kodi forum, you can give a read and see if it will let you do what you would like.
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    Request RealDebrid cloud

    real-debrid torrents are returned in bubbles but only the Premiumize torrents are cached I think.
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    Leopold Repo - OpenElec Dev Updater

    not sure about that, but I do know that openelec is pretty much dead and libreelec is now the way to go. There are tutorials for upgrading from openelec to libreelec on their site.
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    Mi Box best bang for your buck

    I have set up the mi box for many friends and I really like it as well. Does anyone know if Koying will be making an spmc version of Krypton?
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    Is the Server really that busy, as of late?

    Yea forum has been almost unusable for me the last few days.
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    Raw maintanence

    There are tools inside of indigo to delete cache, packages and thumbnails
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    Debrid Service

    I do not use live streams very often but thought I had heard that if you use acestreams you should use a vpn. Is that not the case anymore?
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    need help to upgrade to Krypton 17

    Did you get it all sorted out then? You will really like libreelec, I use it on two computers and it runs great.