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    windows 10 and vpn help needed

    hi guys need some hep here have tried pia cannot get that to work,and so far their tech cannot either also tried hidemyass tunnel bear hideipvpn thks in advance guys,,,,pj
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    vpn benefits in the uk

    I use a aftv unrooted in uk would it be a benefit to me to install a vpn on the aftv would this help with all the stream not availiable in genesis this happens a lot on fri/sat/sun nights if it would benefit , can anybody recommend a good one, or would it be better to buy a android box, if so...
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    format a aftv and install android is it possible

    come on guys someone must know if this is poss ,,and how I use tvmc on it but fed up totally with the fire os thks in advance if posss happy new year to you all
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    hide aftv ip address help req

    how do I hide ip add so I can access Ic*f*lms etc,,,pj
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    hide ip add help reqs

    hi al merry xmas and happy new yr hope someone can help wots best way to hide ip on aftv,with instruction if poss ,,,pj
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    wipe fire os and install androis os on aftv

    hi guys is this possible to completely wipe aftv os and install android os in its place ,,,,pj if so ,can someone tell me how or point me in the right direction,,,thks in advance guys,,,pj