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    Manually download confluence skin

    I am updating a buddies fire tv to krypton today and he wants to keep confluence skin. Is there anywhere to manually download since the kodi repo seems to be down as well for April fools.
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    Unable to view forum from Tapatalk

    It is great to have the forum back up, I am however still not able to get to the forum via tapatalk. Is anyone else able to view the forum in the app?
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    Screener Season

    Merry Christmas everyone. So far it looks like screener season is going to be a dud this year. Hopefully just a late start, last year at this time we already had some pretty big releases leaked. Hoping they start getting released soon, always my favorite time of year.
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    Real debrid problems to s ay.

    Real debrid problems today Is anyone else having real debrid issues today. It has been near impossible to get links to play. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    PCM audio on 6 channel streams

    I have a windows 10 PC connected to my Yamaha RX-v673 receiver via HDMI. I have passthrough set up in my settings. Recently notice that alot of the HEVC H2.65 files are labeled as being 6 channel audio but my receiver shows only as PCM. Any ideas?
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    URL Resolver Problem

    I was in the process of updating my bedroom computer that does not get used as much and was trying to set up my real-debrid for SA*TS and noticed that for some reason this computer is on url resolver version 2.10.7 and the rest of my machines are on 2.9.5 If i try click on the button to roll...
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    Can what ISP you use affect playing of links?

    I have been a long time user of both and Real-Debrid and for me Real-Debrid links have very rarely worked. I am in the U.S. and live in Colorado. I have a 40mb dsl connection with Century Link. I have recently been doing some testing at work and noticed that all of my Real-Debrid...
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    Cache not deleting?

    I have recently updated a firetv and an MX2 box for friends to Kodi 14.2 and for some reason both are now quickly filling up and running out of space. Not sure what is happening, has anyone else had these issues after upgrading.
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    HTPC Audio question

    I have a windows 7 HTPC connected through my Yamaha receiver and it works very well but you have to turn the volume up fairly high on the receiver. I recently was setting up a fire tv for a friend and while I was setting it up (also via hdmi through same receiver) I noticed that I only had to...
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    how do I remove duplicate entries in library

    I use a mysql setup with 4 windows machines. My movie library is on an external usb hard drive connected to my asus router. On one of my machines I screwed up and had the path to the drive as a mapped drive instead of the path of the other computers, so I now have duplicates of most movies in...
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    Problems loading advancedsettings.xml for MYSQL on FireTV

    I use a mysql setup for my xbmc. I currently have 3 windows 7 computers connecting my a mysql 5.1 database. I also have a shared library on an ASUS RT-AC68R. I have a new 13.1 install on the firetv. I loaded repositories and set up my video files and all is well. I pushed over the same...