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    RD links not showing, already did basic TS

    Nvm guys/gals. After banging my head on a wall for a while and a few hours of forum hopping i realized that the particular add-on i use has switched over to a for of urlresolver called resolveurl and i had to configure RD there as well. I went to maybe a dozen different forums/websites regarding...
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    RD links not showing, already did basic TS

    Like the title say, i already went thru the motions with restarting, resetting cache, re-authorizing rd. Several times already actually. Still have over 100 days on my RD account so it’s not that either. Been like this for 2 days now. Kodi sucks without RD so everything is unwatchable. Pleease help!
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    Bug URLResolver fails with real debrid

    Bumping because i got the same issue out of nowhere today and tried manually updating (was already updated tho) and restarting kodi and the device but still no luck, im not even trying vpn or anything else, just trying to reauth my rd account and keep getting urlresolver error. Yes i run fusion...