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    Fre*view not working

    I did last night. I don t know whats going on with it.
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    INL3D android box PROBLEM

    ok I tried SPMC and the same thing. I don t get it. I even changed the hdmi cord
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    INL3D android box PROBLEM

    ok I ll try that and post back. thanks
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    INL3D android box PROBLEM

    ok the android video player plays 1080 mkv perfect but in kodi still the same problem. I cant adjust hardware acceleration to software either. any other ideas? Thanks.
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    INL3D android box PROBLEM

    I realy need help with this. can someone post things I can try
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    INL3D android box PROBLEM

    hey all, I have an INL3d android box. I did a total rest of the box and I still have a problem with HD videos. I can play any SD video find but anything in HD on ANY ADDON does not play correctly. The video is slow and way out of sync. Does anyone know how I can fix this? Thanks for any help.
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    Jailbreaking iPad2 with 9.3.2

    pm me any links you have for the jailbreak and I ll try to do it today
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    [REQUEST] AccuRadio

    I like this site too . whats the quality though?
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    Request Does ANY add on have this old show?

    1Ch**nel has is
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    Nvidea Shield and Kodi

    make sure the time and date is correct.
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    1080i vs 1080P - Video in full HD? PLEASE HELP???

    yes make sure you set the tv to the same settings on the box the set it in kodi then reboot and try.
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    Portable Kodi Running of a Micro SdCard

    I have done this. it works ok for people at
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    Fusion not working on new Sony Bravia

    I installed Kodi on a Sony W80C model the other day. Seems to work nice so far. I ll finish it up today.As of yet I had no problems. Did you add Index of / in the file manager? then to to system , addons, install from zip and install the config wizard.
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    Can XBMC be installed on a Smart TV?

    I installed Kodi on a Sony W80C model the other day. Seems to work nice so far. I ll finish it up today. I got it at Costco.
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    This is a stupid rule.

    I agree. when I get time I ll report it. Not everyone has time or want to take time to report it.
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    Cast kodi to tv useing chome cast

    hey All. I can cast my windows 7 64 to the tv via google chrome but I can t get kodi to work. I can stream movies on my drive but not kodi. can I get some help on this. I ll be on the forum all day... Thanks
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    I thought I just seen Metalkettle on the ****** show .

    how can I find this show? pm me if you want
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    Tool to merge IMDB with Trakt accounts

    Hey All I though I would share this. This is great for add ons that don t have an IMDB setting [TOOL] Sync Ratings and Watchlist from IMDb to (also TMDb, TVDb and Listal) | MediaPortal Forum
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    Request help with internet speed

    try disconnecting all devices but 1 then do a speed test on each port using the same device. I have had ports go bad on routers in the past. try it wired in first the try wireless.
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    I messed something up.

    hey all kodi was working fine for me so today I was adding local videos on my drive to the library I made, after that video and audio buffer on any addon or even local file. I m not should what I did but I need some help now. I deleted my library but still the same problem. here is my log file...