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    OpenElec 8.0 Kodi 17 Alpha

    Kodi 17 Krypton Estuary Skin on OpenElec... If any one wants to test.. This is a Genericx86_64 Build... Installer img:!YcJxGKza!GpkHFDOwOgq_c5Jwcba6X8ornyQ5fmryF5zMZAxw9UM Update Tar:!RMY2CJqT!OHHcd1LyHcW9-ld8hzntxPe01-xAZf0v8IgZczChs7U
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    New Kodi Jarvis On Amlogic MX2

    New Update Tar to Kodi 16 Jarvis. For the MX2/G18 Android Boxes..!YIhVSCBT!WyjugClO4iwT3LYBvBIroZ7ZZ4VYfLDmHHB-PYs_b08
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    Unofficial OpenElec, Official Kodi 16 Jarvis Build.

    WARNING!!! THIS BUILD IS NOT FOR RASPBERRY PI'S OR WETEK DEVICES... "ONLY PC'S''.... Any forum members with OpenElec 6.0.1 Isenguard interested in Trying Out OpenElec 7.0 Kodi 16 Jarvis, ( no tweaks or special features just a basic build ) on their System here you go.. Copy and paste onto...
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    Kodi 16 Jarvis!!!

    No more Release Candidates, It's Official Kodi 16 Jarvis is Finally Out...
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    Unknown Sources

    To day i downloaded the latest Kodi 17 alpha build, And noticed they have a new option added to kodi, an unknown sources option like on android... I was told you need to click on it in order to install unknown (3rd Party) addon zip files... I just tried to install from zip with it...
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    Enabling superuser on Kodi what benefits do you have compared to just running Kodi without superuser access???
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    These are tar files, place them in your OpenElec update folder, then reboot your device... Get them here:
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    Kodi 17, Krypton Alpha Build Release.
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    Kodi 17

    Official Code Name Is KRYPTON...
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    Hiccups in Official Kodi World!
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    Portable Kodi Running of a Micro SdCard

    Saw this...
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    Replace librtmp dependancy with ffmpeg's native rtmp source.

    If implemented into kodi, would anything like this effect any of the addons created by the devs here, as in functionality. Replace librtmp dependancy with ffmpeg's native rtmp source. Replace librtmp dependancy with ffmpeg's native rtmp source.