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    MyGica ATV1900AC and MyGica ATV586 TV Boxes now available on sale

    Do not buy any Mygica product. They make false claims regarding their firmware. It is supposed to have firmware updates via OTA. Never happened. There is no support at all from their site as well. The supplied remotes are crap! They put out new boxes, even tho they have not even begun to fix all...
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    Have you cancelled your cable TV subscription yet?

    Yes as well. I cancelled mine over 2 years ago.n Now, there is way too much to watch. I have enjoyed more with Kodi than with any subscription EVER!
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    Request MX2 Owner Opinions Changing from Android to OpenELEC?

    Owned my MX2 for 2+ years. Also have Mygica 1800e, Matricom G Box Q. Best of the three is the Mygica. Back to the MX2. Running it on firmware V. 1.1.6, Gotham 13.2. Runs fine. A week ago, I factory reset and loaded Helix 14.2. Ran okay, however the 3 D launcher does not work with Helix 14.2...
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    Kodi not ready for everybody at this time. Here is why.

    To the above post: I hope you are not charging a fee to set up all those boxes you claim to have. If you are charging for your service, perhaps you are disappointed that upgrades should/could be done. Then maybe as part of your initial set-up agreement, you have promised your clients something...
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    Kodi not ready for everybody at this time. Here is why.

    I am a frequent Forum user. Probably 3-5 times a day, just to read, see if anything is new. I run both Gotham 14.2 on my Mygica 100 and on my MX2, and Samsung Galaxy Tab S. I run Helix 14.0 on my jailbreak Ipad1 and Matricom G Box Q(also running Gotham 13.2). I personally do not notice any...
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    Super Bowl

    It is not in one. Go to Youtube and research. Otherwise try Google.
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    Matricom G-Box Q

    I am on Kodi 14 rc3 Helix beta on mine. Running smooth. K400 Logitech keyboard also works fine. Just received Matricom Flymote today. Have not tried it out yet. However, the remote that came with the Q is okay once you get used to it. It is a little finicky, but it works.
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    Mx2 crashing

    I am running mine on Gotham 13.2, firmware 1.1.6, and it is very stable. HD plays 1080 p like a hot knife thru frozen butter. Running on high speed Ethernet though!
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    New Android streamer

    I have had my MX2 for a little over a year and a half. By far the best investment in a personal treat for my family. Tested it out for two month's, then officially canceled my Satellite subscription. My box has paid for it many times over. I just recently bought the new Matricom G Box Q for my...
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    Matricom G-Box Q

    Just to let everyone know, the long overdue and highly anticipated Matricom G -Box Q, has been released for sale as of Nov.21st. First release of 1000 boxes sold out within hours. Available on Amazon for $109.00. Being offered on EBay for a lot more. Note: I am not affiliated with or a...
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    M8 Amlogic quad core square box

    Thanks for the suggestion. I decided to buy the Matricom G-Box Q, hence the reliability of my MX2. I was able to snag one last night off Amazon. Hopefully it will be as good as my MX2?
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    M8 Amlogic quad core square box

    I am in the market for a new Android box that will dream Modi seamlessly in HD. I was thinking of the Amlogic M8 box. However it seems to be getting negative reviews on here. Although the Ouya seems to get nothing but good reviews I do not want to buy it because I will not use it for gaming, and...
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    Mygica Android TV Products

    Is one of them by chance the 1800e? If so, can you elaborate a little on how it handles HD programing. As well, I am curious how it performs during fast action sporting events, like hockey telecasts, for example. I am eagerly panting with anticipation for the day mine arrives. I ordered it...
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    Mygica Android TV Products

    As well, thank you Londonshore. I checked that out, as per your suggestion. It was very useful!!
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    Mygica Android TV Products

    Thank you Eleazar.
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    Mygica Android TV Products

    As a regular viewer of everything Modi, I am curious as to why there are no threads regarding the Geniatech Mygica Android TV products. I have been a Modi tester for a little over 18 month's, currently testing on a Matricom MX2. Well my University aged daughter came home for a visit a couple of...
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    looking for a quad core tv box

    Mygica 1800e I currently have a matricom mx2, for over a year. I am giving it to my daughter. I recently helped a friend set up his Mygica 1800e. It seemed like a pretty cool box.. I am considering getting one. Outside of helping him load Fusion, and give him advice on Repo's and addons, I...
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    Fire TV vs G-Box Midnight MX2

    Sounds like your mind is already made up for the Fire TV. I'm sure you will enjoy it. I run an MX2, and am very happy with it. Mine has been problem free for over a year.
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    Ota updater won't update.

    I have asked this question on this forum previously. Using Frodo V 12.3 and firmware V 1.1.6. The OTA program does not work. The good thing, however, is that xbmc on my Matricom mx2 still does update itself. It just does not do it through the OTA program function. I have not updated to the...
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    mx2 Frodo 12.3 and firmware 1.1.6 OTA does not work

    Thanks Spanky. Maybe my post was unclear. I am asking IG there is a way to get the OTA Updater file to work, or a place to load the file from. More so, is their a FIX for this issue. I am familiar with how to remove xbmc and reload the newer versions. However, I would like to keep Frodo 12.3 and...