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    My Experience with MyGica A520E Dual Core

    I have been loyal to my trusted ATV2 and they have served me well, but with the end in site for this workhorse of a box, I ventured out to see what will be my replacement. My first stop was the Mygica A520E. I started off the day running xbmc 12.2 frodo (comes packed with it) and was...
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    Cannot bring up the contact menu for my repo's

    Cannot bring up the context menu for my repo's I can't force refresh my repos because the context menu won't come up on my ATV. When I go into some of the repo's, the list of add ons is empty. I have uninstalled the questionable repo's and then re-installed through fusion (add on installer...
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    This add-on was working great for me for a very long time on several devices on frodo 12.2 Suddenly, it is not working on 3 different atv2's or in xbmc on my macbook. I upgraded to gotham 13.2 and it still isn't working. I am getting script error when I go to "live tv" I've gone to the...
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    Brand New Pivos out of the box wont take Linux flash

    I have programmed dozens of boxes, but the latex box (brand new) wont turn on once I change the operationg system to Linux build. It is just a black screen. Is anyone else having the same issue?
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    Ustvnow freezing and kicking me out on various devices

    I am getting kicked out after about two minutes of viewing. Does this happen to anyone else? Anyone know why? It is happening on my macbook pro and my ATV2 running frodo 12.2
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    Which skins allow me to change the internet connection settings?

    I am loving the new hub wizard, but I am having an issue changing the internet connection settings. The new confluence skin does not allow this. I must change to XIOS. Is there a way to enable me to change the internet connections in confluence? Does anyone know any other skins that would...
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    Can't click on on network connections

    It happened to me twice, on two different boxes, on two different networks. The boxes are working fine at my house, and then I take them to another network, and I cannot click on network connections. Nothing happens. I did a factory reset, and then it would work fine, but then I have to...
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    First time xbmc install - can't downlaod m3 firmware

    All the links that I've found for the latest M3 firmware direct me to an invalid URL. Frustrating that I'm stuck on step 1 of the "simple" instructions. Can someone direct me to a working link for this file so that I can move on to step two?
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    download link for PIVOS firmware not working

    I am having trouble downloading the firmware for PIVIOS XIOS from the sister android site of this xbmchub. I get a message that says "invalid URL". I have tried from two different macbooks, on two different internet connections, as well as 2 different pc's, with different internet connections...