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    Need link to download Kodi 17.1 to ROLL BACK from 17.3

    I've been having problems with my addons since moving to Kodi 17.3. Can anyone tell me where I can get 17.1 so I can roll back?
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    Addon Error after updating to Kodi 17.3 from 17.1

    I could really use some help with getting an addon (ice) working after the update. I was running Kodi 17.1 and had 'ice' running fine. I updated Kodi to 17.3 and now the addon throws the error: Icefilm Error Please check the log... This happens when I select the addon > TV Shows (or Movies) >...
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    XBMC and SOCKS5

    New here and I don't even know if this is the right area. If I configured my Proxy settings in XBMC/Kodi (System > Settings > System > Internet Access) to use SOCKS5, am I "Safe" using any add-on installed on XBMC?