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    problem Installing wizard on ouya

    I just got a new ouya and am using both xbmc for ouya and sideloaded Frodo 12.2 I have downloaded the wizard from fusion it goes to 100% downloaded and then gives me a script error any ideas
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    Pi wont boot up

    Hi guys, i cannot get my pi to boot up, the power light comes on but nothing else, i have searched forums for answers but no luck, the last time it worked as well as the red power light there were a couple of green lights flashing as well but these are not lighting up now, any help would be...
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    trouble playing 3d 1080p movies

    I recently bought a 3d full hd tv and watched a few movies from N*vi X with no issues through my laptop connected to the tv However when i tried to play 3d movies in 1080p from the wtf addon they played in slow motion. I tried to change the resolution in xbmc but it only goes to 720p and it is...
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    stuttering playback when streaming 3d movies through sumvision cyclone nano

    hi all I just bought a 1080p full hd 3d tv and was trying to watch a 3d movie but the playback is constantly stuttering I have xbmc installed on my sumvision cyclone nano and hooked up to the internet using an Ethernet cable I have tried changing some settings that were recommended. through the...