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    I have a question about the add-on called IAGL

    My question is what cores do you recommend for NES SNES PS1 PS2
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    I have a question about Android tv box

    What Android tv box do you recommend that is 6.0 and between 50 dollars to 100 dollars
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    I have a problem with Indigo

    I just installed this on my Windows 10 PC and I am getting this error every time: XBMCFoundation.Kodi_4n2hpmxwrvr6p! Kodi has stopped working and this happens every time I open Kodi on my Windows 10 pc
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    I have a question about music

    I was told that the music I added that is stored on my computer would show up on the main screen in Kodi 17.1 under music section does anybody know why this is not happening at all and I have a debug link also:
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    I have a question about Favorites

    In Kodi 17.1 Krypton skin Estuary it gives you the option to add favorites to the main home screen and my question is can you organize them to A to Z
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    I am having some problems with Titan Beta 3.7.56 version

    I am having a problem I went into Configure shortcuts and went into Edit menu shortcuts and I setup 2 widgets for tv shows and I am having no problem at all but in the movies I am having a problem I have 4 widgets setup and here is my problems: 1. Exdous- new movies and I have no problems with...
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    I have a question about Themes

    Why is it in Interface Settings under Skin and Skin says Estuary and you can configure skin but the next one down Themes is grayed out why is this happening and I have installed and reinstalled Kodi 17.1 Krypton and keeps doing the same thing not able to select Themes
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    I have a question about Wrestling Nation

    Is there anyway they will add the rest of the episodes for TNA last year because they have launched this nothing has been available since September of last year. Or is there another one that will have them on it you can watch
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    I have a question about Wrestling add-ons

    How can all these be broken at the same time: 1. All Wrestling 2. We Watch Wrestling If you do even get to make it to the sources you get error messages every time. Since I can't use them do know of any other ones you can use to watch TNA and ROH
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    I have a question about Kodi 17

    Is there a way to install the newest Kodi 17 beta version for 2nd generation Fire TV without using a pc because I did have it installed from a YouTube video but that one said it needed to be updated but I didn't see no option to do that can somebody please help me out
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    I have a question about All Wrestling add-on

    I can't get any content to play at all it keeps saying playback error and to check out the log but I don't know how you do that
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    I have a question about 4K add-on

    Can anybody give me a list of which add-on have 4K content only
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    I have a question about Sports addons

    What is the best and most reliable Sports app to use on Kodi
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    I have a question about PureFlix

    Are you able to watch the PureFlix streaming service though Kodi and here is a link to the website http://
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    I have a question about prepaid internet

    Will a Fire Stick with Kodi on it work with prepaid internet
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    I have a question about the time

    Why does the time not show up as eastern standard time and is there a way to change it so it does
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    I need some help with Roku Stick

    Is there a way I can install KODI on this device and can you install FireStarter also and is there a link to goto to show me how to install these programs also.
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    I have a question about IPad

    I have an IPad Air 2 I was trying to see if there was a way to put Kodi on it but I don't want to Jailbrake my device and I don't have a MAC PC I only have Windows 10 PC
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    I have a question about library

    I created a Library when you was supporting Genesis but your not supporting that add-on anymore but you are using Ex**us and how do I switch the source from Genesis to Ex**us so I can still use the library I have setup
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    I have a question about FireStarter and Kodi

    If I install FireStarter on a Fire TV Stick do I need to have Kodi on first or will that automatically install Kodi on when I put the program on