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    movies website addon request

    how about, they look very decent. It will be good to have a addon for this website.
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    Need help with Gkencode , part of gkplugins.

    I didn't get much time to look on it, but I know a little programming :D and now if you think my position is suspicious in this matter, I have to clarify this. The reason I am asking you and lambda to make this addon because I admire xbmc hub and you guys have experience to make them. I also can...
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    Need help with Gkencode , part of gkplugins.

    That's because people reply here very late, and actually I watch movies on watch32 a lot and I also use xbmc hub almost everyday. I read you discussion here on this thread about some gkplugins and I was familiar with this name from watch32 site, that's why sent this reply and on other thread, I...
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    Need help with Gkencode , part of gkplugins.

    hey, can you please make addon of ?? the other addon youtube on fire 'kinkins repo' supported watch32 movies before but now stopped working. I have read that you have been helped making viooz addon, which is very good addon. But watch32 have many movies which other sites doesn't have...