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    ATV2. No WiFi connect option.

    Unplug your eternet and you will be able to connect wifi
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    ATV 2 bust?

    When you update atv2 its best to wipe it clean install the 5.3 software rejailbreak and install the latest xbmc issues should be solved if you do this, just updating xbmc wont help!
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    ATV2 problem connecting wireless keyboard

    upgrade to 5.2 or higher to have bluetooth
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    Significant and multiple problems

    fresh start then update xbmc install new repos and addons then good to go.
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    Script error on almost all addons

    JAWS what version of xbmc are you using?
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    XBMC vs RODI

    XBMC vs kODI Just wondering if my xbmc will change to Kodi if I update to gotham 13.2 on my atv2? or can I do it another way?
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    ATV2 constantly rebooting.. included LOG

    upgrade to 14.0 rebooting issue is fixed!
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    Firecore still having issues with the seas0nspass101 5.3 jailbreaking firmware for windows....
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    Naw dont like the mac, only big mac
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    I don't have a mac, hopefully they get it resolved soon, thanks for the reply....
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    Did Apple stop signing 5.3? tried 3 units and keep getting this unit is not Eligible for this version. anyone else getting this with the apple tv 2?
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    Gotham 13.1

    Thanks Crawl, I will give it a try and let you know. Shel
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    Gotham 13.1

    spanky, most of them, and some I cant say..... I did a atv2 the day before and it was fine, ill try the addon installer leoparty50 anyone else having the same issues? I see gotham 13.2 has been posted
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    Gotham 13.1

    Just did a jailbreak and install xbmc Gotham 13.1 with Nito and most addons are incompatible, will Nito have the new Gotham 13.2 and will it fix this issues? Thanks for any help
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    Cannot Connect to Network Server Gotham

    i installed gotham and its working fine, how did you install yours boyle? i only get a pop up box in the **** that says cant connect and i click ok but it still works. And in M up nhl gotham works perfect, the best i ever seen on my box
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    Is there a glitch with nito, its taking about 5 to 10 mins to install nito on my atv2 and the same with xbmc. before nito would install in 30 to 40 sec and xbmc would in 2 mins. anyone else having the same issues?
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    Mister x repository

    uninstall and reinstall, all is good again with this add-on
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    Repo enabled

    so why allowed the misterX repo?
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    Repo enabled

    vinnydude blazetamers repo bunkfords repo eldorados eleazars metalkettles repo misterx repo o9r1shs repo rodrigos repo Spor**dev*l repo spoysers tomm0s the_silencers repo thehighways theyid repo xbmcplus repo these are still empty!
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    Repo enabled

    showgun, why did you banned the adult one its from fusion?