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    kodi remote recommendations

    Anyone recommend a good kodi remote that does NOT have built in mouse. Needs to be 2.4ghz with usb receiver. Looking for an inexpensive, simple remote.
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    When would you remove scrapers that are timing out?

    Well that was helpful.
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    When would you remove scrapers that are timing out?

    Is there a guide somewhere on scrapers and at what point would you remove/disable a source in scrapers that times out? If you do remove a source, would you ever add it back, and if so, when? Thanks all that contribute.
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    List of known faulty scrapers in your region

    Apparently, not all sources work the same in each country, or state, whether isp blocking or for whatever reason. Be nice to have a list for each area that are known to timeout, so that we can remove that source from our scraper list. Unless there already is such a list?....
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    Do you leave auto update on all addons with jarvis?

    That's a great point and had been using kodi for almost a year and just found this out the other day. Don't know how I missed that.
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    Do you leave auto update on all addons with jarvis?

    What's the recommendation here? My family out of state has kodi and aren't capable of fixing it if anything breaks. What would you do? Leave auto on or off?
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    will trakt tv authorizations be included in a restore?

    If I do a backup, and restore (with adbfire), will my trakt auth's/lists be restored with it?
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    addon for more accurate source sort orders

    Seems like half of the sources labeled 720 and 1080 end up being SD. Be nice to have an addon that could identify the actual resolution in the source list directory before you choose one, rather than relying on the source's own resolution tag in the directory. Also, in general, more accurate...
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    correct adbfire settings when doing backup/restore

    I know some of you are anti abdfire and will push ES explorer but I like it and hate ES, so please refrain from posting negative comments. Using adbfire, and you want to save your build to install it to other devices, and using adbfire, what should "preset directories" be set to for this...
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    Skin settings won't save on any skin

    I just put a clean install of jarvis on my fire stick. Any skins I try, my settings are lost when Kodi restarts, even when I power down using the Kodi exit button. On my other fire boxes and sticks with jarvis, I've never experienced this. I can reboot using select and play and still not lose...
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    choosing skins in jarvis

    So I just upgraded to jarvis. I loved confluence hwy2015 and am wondering if I can get it? I've googled it and it doesn't seem like it's available. If not, does anyone know any that are similar to it? It's very close to default confluence, but lets you change colors, which confluence does...
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    how to delete pushed images to fire stick kodi

    I pushed some images to use for custom backround in my Kodi, using adbfire. I want to start from scratch again. If I use that fresh start to reset my kodi, will it delete all those images I pushed over, or are those stored on the fire stick itself?
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    confluence show episode info not showing up

    I've got the default confluence on my fire stick, which is my favorite skin, but not all apps show episode summaries. Only genesis and ororo do. Pri**wire and SA*TS, and Velo**ty are not. They work on the other skins I've tried though. Is this normal?
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    building from scratch strategy

    Thanks again.
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    building from scratch strategy

    I purchased my fire stick preloaded awhile back and have stuff I don't use and it feels pretty bloated. I'm going to use fresh start and start from scratch. First, does fresh start leave behind any addons at all such as Addon Installer or Maintenance Tool? Also, is there a general strategy...
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    trakt tv basics

    Thank you.
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    trakt tv basics

    I've read around and still am unsure what will accomplish what I want on trakt. I don't care what I've previously watched or collected. I just want to build up my queue and be notified in SA*TS or Velo**ty when there is a new episode to watch. What exactly in trakt do I click on? Just add to...
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    cannot edit favorites

    I figured it out. When I enabled global menu within SF, it blocked all my favorite options. I removed global menu, and it's working again.
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    cannot edit favorites

    I can't add anything to favorites now either....
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    cannot edit favorites

    I did that and I still cannot change my favorites. Where do I start?