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    Video Problems With Kodi 15 and 15-1

    I have both Kodi Version 15-1 and TVMC Kodi Version 14-2. I have no problems while running 14-2, but am experiencing video and audio problems when running movies or tv using Kodi 15-1. Initially I installed version 15 and I had pixelization of the video and the audio preceding the video. I...
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    Pixelization of Video on Kodi 15, Isengard

    Recently I added Kodi version 15 to my Matricom G-Box. I now have the Kodi TVMC 14.2 and the New Kodie 15 on it. The problem is that when I run tv shows on Kodi 15, I get a tremendous pixelization of the video. When that happens the audio gets way out of sync. Any ideas?