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    Subtitle question

    Hi all, I have a question regarding subtitles on xbmc. A few movies i have watched recently have had sections which are in foreign language. I know how to enable subtitles but don't want them displayed for the full movie - just the parts that have foreign language in them. Is there any way...
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    Abominable snowman update

    Anyone experiencing problems after latest firmware update? My ouya STILL won't read my pen drives or external storage. I bit the bullet and done a full factory reset and now when I try to sideload apps via dropbox i can't reinstall to internal storage. I am seriously peeved off as the only...
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    Ouya customer support

    I was just wondering if any of you have had any dealings with Ouya customer services and how you got on? I'd like to share my experiences so far. I bought my Ouya and about a week or so after the micro USB port broke clean off. I contacted customer support and explained the problem and sent...
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    Now TV

    Anyone know much about these? Never mind.. found this if anyone is interested.
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    Usb problems?

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone could suggest anything to remedy this? Thanks
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    Pairing ps3 controller with ouya?

    Can anyone help me with pairing ps3 controller? I know it initially needs to be wired before using via bluetooth. So do i just plug in normal usb port or use micro usb? Thanks (currently typing on ouya via browser) :)
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    Worlds most honest advert.....

    I was on Ebay looking a replacement remote for a TV and came across this..... Should i buy one ... it's kinda put me off :)
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    Would it be possible to...

    Hi all, Quick question. I have just installed Crystalbuntu on ATV1 for someone and it is working really well on my wired connection. After spending 1/2hr trying to put it on the wireless in the owners home i have since discovered that i will need a wifi dongle as built in wifi won't work...
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    10 minute skip?

    Hi all, from I reinstalled xbmc on my atv2 the 10 minute fast forward (push up on control) just turns volume up and doesn't skip forward 10 minutes any more. Any ideas? Thanks.
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    Script errors after fresh jailbreak?

    Hi all, a lot of my installed adddons stopped working (script errors) so I jailbroke atv2 again and done fresh install of frodo 12.2 using nito installer. Still getting script errors on almost every video addon. Any ideas? Thanks.
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    Reduce 4GB image size?

    Hi all, Does anyone know a way to reduce the 4GB image size slightly? I've been using Tuxens 4GB image and bought another 5 4GB cards but have found out that not all cards are the same size and that the image is slightly too big to be written to them.
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    4GB SD card

    Hi all, Have just ordered another 5 off Raspberry Pi 512MB (next day delivery RS Components UK if anyone needs one), and want to know if a 4GB SD is ok to run Tuxen's (4GB) image from? Or would a bigger card be preferable. Trying to keep costs down obviously. Does the image actually fill the...
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    SD card write protect

    Hi all, Can someone advise if its ok to put the write lock on my SD card on after writing Openelec image? Or does it require read/write access or whatever? Just asking because someone managed to corrupt an image on a RPi i had loaned them and though this might prevent it happening again. Thanks.
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    Addon shortcuts Openelec

    Can anyone tell me how to add shortcuts on when using Openelec? I have my ATV2 setup the way i like it and want to do the same with the RPi. I followed this guide for setting up my ATV2 but things are different on Openelec...
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    Raspberry Pi XBMX USB?

    Just wondring if anyone has tried running XBMC on pen drive on their Pi (SD also neeed). Any speed or performance benefits?
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    Installing new builds OpenElec

    Does anyone know an easy way of saving/reinstalling all settings/add-ons etc if i install another (newer) build of OpenElec? Is it possible for it to auto-update or do i need to put a fresh image on the SD card then add repo's and add-ons manually again? Ideally, if it could update itself it...
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    mpeg 2 license

    Hi all, Was considering purchasing the mpeg2 licence for my RPI but was wondering how you would "install" this? I run OpenElec from my SD and it's all good to go with no tinkering which suits me fine. Whats involved with installing this? Thanks