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    1.1.2 Upgrade

    Hi there Can anyone help please i am just attempting the upgrade from 1.1.6 to 1.2 i downloaded files ok did the toothpick way got the screen up but both my remotes refuse to scroll down to factory reset is there another way to scroll and what can be the prob with the remotes thank you for...
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    Re: Firmware 1.1.7S Beta Bricked the new 1.1.7s

    Re: Firmware 1.1.7S Beta Bricked the new 1.1.7s Hi all please can any one help i installed the new firmware 1.1.7s but now i am stuck on the bright blue g screen i have tried rebooting ect but its still the same its like we used to get in the old days when the matricom screen...
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    G-box midnight mx2 and betta hub wizard

    hi all when i got my G-BOX MIDNIGHT i installed the Betta hub wizard and chose android i do have xbmc up and running ok apart from i cant download metadata from ice films ?? but after reading all the forums I am worried that i should not have installed any thing myself as it...
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    G-box midnight mx2

    Hi all i have the above up and running . once i had xbmc up and running i went in to fusion and installed betta hub wizard and then picked android . i did this because thats what i did on my apple tv ( but picked apple) but i am wandering if i should have done that after reading the...
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    Matricom G-box midnight mx2 4.2 HELP on a few things please

    Hi all just sold my apple tv and purchased the above can any one do a detailed instruction on how to use the remote that comes with it i am finding it impossible havent a clue also how do you play the games i downloaded a few but nothing i press on the remote works . also i...
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    Unable to ssh in to apple tv2 using password alpine message says access denied

    Hi all please can any one help i have just tried to ssh in to appletv2 i havent had to do it for a while . i cant get in now it just keeps saying access denied re enter password ??? please can any one help thank you
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    Confused as to which update i am running now

    Hi every one and Happy Easter I feel real embarrassed having to ask this as i feel after all this time i should know the answer but i dont LOL iv gone into nito tv on my appletv2 to check what version i am running and it says 12.0-1 .But when i go into xbmc to check the version it...
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    How can i watch xbmc on my smart tv via my samsung galaxy wireless as ipad users can

    Hi everyone i have watched all the videos on streaming xbmc to your tv using an ipad and apple tv plus itunes please can any one tell me if it is possible to do this somehow with my samsung galaxy tablet or indeed my pc .I find my tablet works a lot faster than my apple tv .and i can...
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    Help please unable to access xbmc via Nito menu

    Good day all Please can some one help me life with out my xbmc is unbearable I have been using appletv2 and xbmc for 2 years switched it on last night and the screen enters into nito TV for 10 seconds and then out again it just keeps flashing in and out 2 years ago i found it...
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    galaxy tab2 10.1 no sound after installing beta3

    hi all please can anyone help I have just installes the beta 3 on my galaxy tablet its perfect apart from no sound thank you
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    Where is the favourites folder kept on apple tv

    Hi there please can any one tell me where to find the favorites folder on apple TV . i know i have to winscp in and go to xbmc but where is it hiding . i want to manually delete some movies , that just will not delete from my library thank you
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    Putting 3d films on a 64gb usb stick

    Hi there not sure if this is in the right place.please tell me if it is please can any one tell me what is going on here.. i am trying to put my 3d films on to a 64 gb usb stick . i got one from ebay and it wouldnt play any of the films i put on .. so i sent it back thinking it was faulty ...
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    3d television which one to buy

    Hi there Please can any one help im about to buy a 3d smart tv . i dont know a lot about it apart from i will be able to watch 3d films ect . Question is can any one advise what to buy for the best and can any one advise also ,if i buy the smart tv ,does that mean i can do away with my...
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    Fusion File manager Livestreams Newb Questions

    Hi there iv been exploring the new fusion file manager ,if i click on fusion ,and then livestreams .It gives me a page as follows :confused: ds store live cam xml livestreams-johnny bravo plugin videolive tv supertv the streamdb xml As a newb and i guess on behalf of all the other newbs please...
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    How do i stream a dvd from my laptop, to appletv2

    Hi all Does any one please know how to watch a dvd from laptop via appletv2 . i know i can copy the disc to laptop then stream it . but is there a way to do it with out having to do this every time ,I do also have itunes installed there a way to use this ?? ..I am wireless also Thank you
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    Your posts where is it on new forum

    Hi there I dont seem to be able to find my posts .on the old site it was right there with all the other titles .But cant find it here . Help please. thank you:confused:
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    At last im back up and running on the new site

    Hi to all hi all im back up and running again after having to re reg from old site to this lovley new one with all the new mod cons. Big thank you to all who made this possible . love the subscriptions back up and running , still finding my way around and finding lots of new stuff ,its...
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    Man u tv

    hi there would it be possible to have an addon or live stream or plug in . what ever so this site can be viewed on xmbc MUTV - Official Manchester United Website thank you